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Zelmare Roulette is a main character in Fargo Season 4.


Zelmare was in prison when she learned that her sister, Dibrell, had taken money from a loan shark, Loy Cannon. Wanting to help, Zelmare and her lover, Swanee, broke out of prison and went to Dibrell's house after cleaning up and changing clothes. Despite her insistence that they couldn't stay there, Dibrell and her husband gave them some food. Zelmare then explained why they were there. They were planning to rob banks to get the money for Dibrell and Thurman to pay back their loan.[1]

Wickware came looking for Swanee and Zelmare at Dibrell and Thurman's house. As they searched, Zelmare and Swanee hid downstairs, in one of the morgue drawers, alongside a dead body. After they left, believing that Zelmare and Swanee weren't there, Zelmare and Swanee came out from hiding and escaped in a coffin in the back of a hearse. Once they were out, Zelmare and Swanee started to make a plan to take out Loy. They went to a Cannon business, where Zelmare pointed a gun at them and was able to take $20,000 and kill three men, while Swanee, unknowingly poisoned with syrup of ipecac, vomited on the floor and continuously passed gas. After she was finished, Swanee and Zelmare left with the money.[2]

Zelmare and Swanee holed up in a hotel where Zelmare washed the money while Swanee lay in bed, letting the ipecac work its way through her system. Zelmare then bagged up the money and took it to Thurman to pay off his debt to Loy. She told him they were going to stay one or two more nights for Swanee to recover and then they were leaving. She also inquired about who made the pie and he said he thought a neighbor had.[3]

Just as Wickware was on his way to arrest Zelmare and Swanee, Loy and Opal came in and took them instead, saying he was going to put them to work since they owed him.[4]

Zelmare and Swanee were sent to the place where Gaetano was staying. They shot him in the back of his head and then kidnapped him, taking him to Loy.[5]

Not long after that, Loy presented Zelmare and Swanee with tickets to Philadelphia and instructed them to go there and never return.[6]

Zelmare and Swanee arrived at the train station about 20 minutes before their train was meant to depart. After getting themselves some candy, they settled in to wait. However, then Wickware and his men arrived to capture them, working on information from Loy. Zelmare and Wickware noticed each other at about the same time. She and Swanee pulled out their guns and started shooting, killing several people who were around them. Wickware then backed them into a corner when they ran out of ammo. He gave the cuffs to Odis to arrest them, but Odis instead shot Wickware and then Swanee. Zelmare cried out in grief and then took off running.[7]

She briefly appears again in the season finale, using a knife to stab Loy Cannon in the back on his porch while he was peacefully watching his family through the window. This counts as her revenge for Loy Cannon giving away information about her and Swanee's leave at the train station, but mostly for the death of Swanee which was indirectly caused by Loy when he gave away the info. After the first stab, Loy turns around to face his murderer and Zelmare stabs him three more times while smiling. She looks him in the eyes and says "For Swanee". Satchel opens the door to check on his father and sees Zelmare standing on the porch with the knife in her hand. She drops the bloody knife and shushes Satchel before departing from the house, this being the last time she's seen.[8]

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  • She was arrested on April 8, 1947 for murder and armed robbery.[9]
  • She is 5'7".[10]
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