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Waiting for Dutch
Season 2, Episode 1
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Episode Information
Air Date:

October 12, 2015


1.59 million

Written by:

Noah Hawley

Directed by:

Michael Uppendahl
Randall Einhorn

Episode Chronology
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Morton's Fork

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Before the Law


Waiting for Dutch is the first episode of Season 2 of Fargo, as well as the eleventh episode overall. It premiered on October 12, 2015.


An unexpected turn of events at a diner disrupts the lives of the citizens in a small Minnesota town.


In 1979, while filming the aftermath of a vicious battle scene for the film Massacre at Sioux Falls, an Indigenous actor stops the take to ask where presidential candidate Ronald Reagan, starring in a cameo, is. The assistant director tells him that Reagan is getting fake arrows stuck in his body for the scene, and the two discuss their views of Reagan and the fact that they are filming on the field where the real massacre happened. As they share a smoke, a soldier in the background asks for a blanket, as he is cold.

While President Jimmy Carter gives his "crisis of confidence" speech, mobster Dodd Gerhardt and his henchman, Hanzee Dent, meet with younger brother Rye in Fargo to confront him over his failure to deliver collection money. Rye, having spent it all on himself, complains about being no better than a henchman despite being part of the family. Dodd ignores him and orders him to get the money. Dodd returns to the Gerhardt ranch to meet with his father and mother, Otto and Floyd, and brother Bear over the family crime syndicate's lost profits. Bear identifies the problem as rivals from the South trying to move in on the Gerhardt's territory, which Dodd insists he is taking care of. Furious, Otto works himself up into having a stroke.

Meeting with a debtor, typewriter salesman Skip Sprang, Rye is curious about his idea for the electric typewriter, wanting to invest and get a share of the profits. Sprang asks Rye to convince a local judge, Irma Mundt, to unfreeze Skip's accounts. Rye tracks her down to a Luverne Waffle Hut and tries to intimidate her, but she laughs him off, comparing herself to the biblical figure Job, a reference Rye does not understand. When Rye refuses to leave, she sprays him with bug killer, enraging him to the point of shooting her. He shoots the diner's cook and waitress before Mundt, barely alive, stabs him in the back, and he shoots her dead. As he steals money from the register to make it look like a robbery, the waitress, still alive, stumbles out into the snow, and Rye kills her. From the woods across from the hut, Rye sees a mass of green and yellow lights. Mystified, he stands in the middle of the road and stares at them as they fly away, before being hit by a car. The car drives away with him smashed through the windshield.

Minnesota State trooper Lou Solverson reads a bedtime story to his daughter Molly when he gets a call from his boss, asking him to check out the homicide at the Waffle Hut. Met by his father-in-law, local sheriff Hank Larsson, the two theorize about the murder based off of Rye's abandoned car and the victims. They discuss the condition of Lou's wife, Betsy, as they walk outside, noting the skid marks from the car and Rye's shoe in a tree. Lou gets a drink with conspiracy theorist lawyer Karl Weathers and mechanic Sonny Greer to talk about the case, which Karl equates to a conspiracy theory regarding the assassination of John F. Kennedy. As Lou leaves to pick up Betsy from chemotherapy, Karl wishes her well and affirms she can beat her cancer.

Butcher's assistant Ed Blumquist takes some chops from work home to his wife, salon worker Peggy. She excitedly tells him over dinner about a "Lifespring" seminar, which is supposed to help her actualize herself. Ed, not understanding what she means, reminds her of his dream of owning the butcher shop and having kids with her, something she is clearly uninterested in. A loud noise comes from the garage, and Ed finds their car splattered with blood, and a hole in the windshield. Peggy claims she hit a deer, but Ed finds a disoriented Rye stumbling around in the back. Rye attacks him with a knife, but Ed easily kills Rye with a pair of gardening shears. Peggy convinces Ed to cover up the murder, and they dump his body in a freezer to be disposed of later.

In bed together, Lou and Betsy wish each other good night with the phrases "Good night, Mr. Solverson," and "Good night, Mrs. Solverson. And all the ships at sea."

The Kansas City Mafia holds a meeting to discuss their "northern expansion strategy," which involves, as explained by Joe Bulo, the absorption of the Gerhardts. When boss Hamish Broker asks what will happen if the Gerhardts resist, Bulo simply replies "we liquidate." Broker approves Bulo's plan.


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