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"The shallow end of the pool is where the turds float."

-V.M. Varga to Sy Feltz

V.M. Varga is a main character and the main antagonist in Fargo Season 3. He is a "mysterious loner and true capitalist who delivers Emmit, the Parking Lot King of Minnesota, the bad news that he has just become partners with his employers, whose business interests lay outside the law."

Physical Appearance

Varga is a very tall man standing at 6'2. He has blue eyes and light brown unkempt hair. His most distinguished feature are his very bad and poorly maintained teeth, which have severe plaque buildup and are highly deteriorated most likely due to bulimia. He has an English accent and almost exclusively wears a brown $200 suit with a blue and yellow second hand tie and a long trench coat.


Varga is a cunning and manipulative criminal mastermind, able to convince people of facts whether true or not. He does not kill people directly, instead sending his henchmen to deal with any possible "inconveniences".


Varga is a man of supposed English origin, although his surname denotes a certain Hungarian origin. Born to a housemaid, he spent his childhood in poverty. He set up the criminal organization Narwhal and recruited Meemo, Golem, and Yuri Gurka at a later point in time.

Murders Committed

Episode appearances

Season 3


  • He is the only villain in the series to not directly kill anyone, only ordering his henchmen to do so.
  • He is the second main villain in Fargo to not die on his season, the first was Hanzee.
  • He is also the first main villain in the TV Show not to die.
  • It is possible that Varga will return in future seasons as his fate was left unknown.
  • David Thewlis also voiced another character in the series, a member of the Federation of United Planets from the book Planet Wyh.
  • Fans of the series agree that is difficult to tell which villain is the smartest as Malvo, Hanzee and Varga have different types of intelligence, however they also agree that Varga is without any doubt, the most powerful so far.

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