Uli's Sporting Goods
Vital statistics
Type Sporting goods store
Location Bemidji, Minnesota
Owner(s) Grover Briansdottir
First seen The Six Ungraspables (flashback)

Uli's Sporting Goods is a sporting goods store in Bemidji, Minnesota. The store exterior advertises "great sports jersey deals" and the opportunity to save on all sports equipment.

Grover Briansdottir works at the store, and sold a packet of irregular socks and a twelve-gauge shotgun to Lester Nygaard when he came to the store, prior to 2006.


Uli's Sporting Goods appeared in a flashback in the Fargo episode The Six Ungraspables.

Behind the scenes

Uli Kunkel was a character in the Coen brothers' film The Big Lebowski. The character of Uli originated on the set of Fargo between Ethan Coen and Stormare, who often spoke in a mock German accent.