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Thurman Howard Smutny is a character in Fargo Season 4.


Thurman and his wife had an arrangement where he did the white funerals and she did the colored ones out of their shared funeral home business. One day, a white funeral was ending as his daughter, Ethelrida, came home from school. Ethelrida went inside, where she met Oraetta Mayflower, who unsettled her. Later that evening, he and his daughter watched Oraetta come home and enter the building across the street. He explained to her that their family was having some money troubles, but it would all be okay.[1]

Thurman and Dibrell were woken up in the middle of the night by a knock at the door. They opened it to find Dibrell's sister, Zelmare, and her lover, Swanee. They came inside and revealed that they'd heard about the Smutnys taking a loan from a loan shark, in this case Loy, and broke out of prison to help them out.[2]

After Oraetta left a pie on the Smutny porch, Thurman retrieved it. As he went back inside, Deafy Wickware led his team inside, searching for Zelmare and Swanee. They searched the whole house and didn't find them, so they left. Thurman then sneaked them out in a coffin in the back of his hearse.[3]

After Swanee ate the pie and got very sick, Zelmare came back to Thurman to ask who made the pie. He said he thought a neighbor. She then gave him the money he owed, cash she'd stolen from Loy. He in turn took the money to Loy and paid off his debt, though after he left, Loy figured out the money was the same cash that had been stolen from him. However, Thurman went home and celebrated his win, thinking things were going to be better for them.[4]

The night before Ethelrida's 17th birth, Thurman went to tell her it was time for bed. She asked first about some bottles she'd seen in a closet at Oraetta's place. He told her that they were not things she should have in her home and advised Ethelrida to stay away from her. She then asked after his aunt and he reluctantly told her where they were.

Loy came to the Smutnys house that day and told them he knew he'd been paid with his own money. He told them he'd be taking over their business. If they told him where Zelmare and Swanee were, their lives would be spared. If not, they would be killed. They gave up Zelmare's location.[5]

Despite this interaction, Thurman and Dibrell welcomed their daughter home and celebrated her birthday as previously planned.[6]

As the war raged, Thurman and Dibrell prepared the bodies of all Loy's fallen men.[7]

Thurman, Dibrell, and Ethelrida happily watched as Loy's men removed all his merchandise and returned control of their business to the Smutnys. Lemuel himself was impressed that Ethelrida managed to do that.[8]

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