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The Lord of No Mercy
Season 3, Episode 6
Episode Information
Air Date:

May 24, 2017


1.04 million

Written by:

Noah Hawley

Directed by:

Dearbhla Walsh

Episode Chronology
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The House of Special Purpose

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The Law of Inevitability


The Lord of No Mercy is the sixth episode of Season 3, and the twenty-sixth episode overall. It premiered May 24, 2017.


Gloria and Winnie get closer to the truth, Emmit tries to make things right, Nikki and Ray prepare for payback and Varga cleans up a mess.


Ray Stussy sits in front of his apartment door, contemplating Nikki Swango's beating at the hands of V.M. Varga's men. He retrieves a hidden gun and loads it, he and Nikki leaving together to find the men who beat her.

Varga tells Sy Feltz and Emmit Stussy three stories, all of which he claims are true: the collapse of the Lehman Brothers firm in 2008, Gavrilo Princip's assassination of Franz Ferdinand only working because he happened to be eating a sandwich after a failed first attempt while Ferdinand's motorcade drove by the deli he was in, and the Apollo 11 landing being faked on a soundstage in New Mexico. As Sy argues with Varga about the company's rapid expansion under Varga's leadership and the IRS investigation, Emmit thinks about his words to Ray during their phone call about Ray's blackmail. Varga sends Meemo to ward off IRS agent Larue Dollard, and Meemo leaves with Yuri Gurka when done, the two tailed by Ray and Nikki. They observe Varga, noting him as the boss and realizing Emmit is likely mixed up with him against his will.

Gloria Burgle and Winnie Lopez go to visit Emmit in his office, but Varga quickly intervenes. As Gloria lays out her evidence regarding the case, Varga dismisses it as coincidence and sends them off before Emmit can offer any information. Varga later searches for Gloria on the internet, but finds nothing. He searches for the Eden Valley Police Station, locates it, and sends Yuri to pull Ennis' case file. He orders Meemo to find and kill Ray and Nikki.

Gloria and Winnie look through the windows of Ray's apartment while he and Nikki hide inside, fleeing to a motel with Meemo following closely. Ray realizes he has forgotten the rest of the money stolen from Emmit back at his apartment and runs back, leaving Nikki alone. Meemo slips into her room when she goes out to get ice, waiting in the shower.

Ray hurries back to his apartment, only to find Emmit waiting inside. Defeated, he offers the stamp, arranged neatly inside a glass frame, hoping to end their feud once and for all. When he shows dismissal towards Ray's claim that Emmit is returning the stamp as opposed to giving it, as it was always his, Ray refuses it and tries to force Emmit to take it back. The two shove each other with the frame, and Emmit shoves the frame with enough force to drive it into Ray's face. The shattered glass leaves a shard stuck in Ray's throat, which he instinctively pulls out, saying Emmit's name before he bleeds to death.

Stunned, Emmit calls Varga, who comes over immediately and calls Meemo off of Nikki to help with Ray's body. Varga decides to stage the scene as a murder, creating a narrative of Ray abusing Nikki and her snapping, cutting his throat to stop him. When Emmit tells him he has a meeting with Ruby Goldfarb and Sy, Varga instructs him on covering his tracks and sends him off. Emmit tells Varga that he didn't mean to kill Ray, and Varga responds by telling him that no one ever does.

Gloria, driving, mulls over her interaction with Emmit and Varga. After a moment of consideration, she turns around and heads back towards Ray's apartment.


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