The Law of Inevitability
Season 3, Episode 7
Episode Information
Air Date:

April 19, 2017


1.03 million

Written by:

Noah Hawley
Matt Wolpert
Ben Nedivi

Directed by:

Mike Barker

Episode Chronology
Previous Episode:

The Lord of No Mercy

Next Episode:

Who Rules the Land of Denial?


The Law of Inevitability is the seventh episode of Season 3, and the twenty-seventh episode overall. It premiered May 31, 2017.


Gloria tries to work around the system, Nikki finds herself in a familiar place, Varga comes up with an alternative plan and Emmit goes to dinner.


Gloria and Winnie arrive back at the apartment to discover Ray's dead body. This leads to the arrest of Nikki as Meemo watches.

Emmit and Sy meet Ruby Goldfarb to discuss selling Stussy Lots to her.

Gloria asks to question Nikki back at the police department but her superior Moe denies access.

As instructed by Gloria, Winnie finds Emmit to inform him of Ray's death. Emmit suggests it was Nikki who did it.

Posing as a police officer, Golem, another henchman for Varga, finds Nikki in her holding cell and prepares to lethally inject her. Gloria stops him but he escapes. When Gloria gets to question Nikki she tells them to "follow the money" to find the answer as to who is behind it all.

Nikki is put on a prisoner transport bus. She is handcuffed next to none other than Mr. Wrench! Yuri, Meemo, and Golem devise a plan to flip the bus so they can extricate her and execute her.


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