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The Land of Taking and Killing
Season 4, Episode 2
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Episode Information
Air Date:

September 27, 2020

Written by:

Noah Hawley

Directed by:

Noah Hawley

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Welcome to the Alternate Economy

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The Land of Taking and Killing is the second episode of Season 4, and the thirty-second episode overall. It aired on September 27, 2020.


The Smutnys receive unexpected guests, Josto and Gaetano reunite, Loy challenges the status quo and Oraetta is caught.


Bank robbers and lovers Swanee Capps and Zelmare Roulette escape from prison through a drainage pipe and wash themselves in a nearby bar's bathroom. Roulette steals the clothes of another woman in the bathroom, and Capps steals clothes from a man who comes onto them. Roulette takes Capps to stay with her sister, Dibrell Smutny, and the two arrive at her house in the dead of night. Dibrell demands her sister leave, despite her husband and daughter's welcoming. When Capps mentions their plans to rob banks, Dibrell sends Ethelrida to her room, who listens at the closed door anyway. Roulette explains they only broke out to help Dibrell, as they heard from an inmate associated with Cannon Limited that the Smutnys were in debt.

David Harvard walks an associate to her car before it is shot up by Paolo Endrizzi, on orders from Josto Fadda, wanting revenge for being turned away from Harvard's hospital. Everyone in the car but Harvard is killed. Ethelrida visits a nearby funeral home to pick up some formaldehyde for Thurman, where Donatello Fadda's service is being held. She watches the funeral through the door and makes eye contact with Gaetano, Donatello's son visiting from Italy. Oraetta Mayflower interrupts her. As Ethelrida leaves, Josto storms out of the service, berating Endrizzi for possibly not getting Harvard. Mayflower offers her condolences to Josto as the service ends. Josto's mother Chianna is distraught, believing one of her sons took Donatello's ring. Gaetano pulls Josto aside and tells him an anecdote about the defiling of Benito Mussolini's corpse, and how he was killed because he was bad for Italian "business." He reminds Josto to put business above all else, and Josto warns him to put the family first.

Officer Odis Weff investigates the scene of the shooting, and then talks to Harvard, who knows it is retribution from the Fadda Family. Harvard is unable to identify any of the men in the car, so Weff leaves. As he reaches the door, he has an OCD-induced tic in which he knocks on it repeatedly, something Harvard finds bizarre. Loy Cannon explains to Zero Fadda that respect comes from people getting down on the other person's level and looking them in the eye before taking him to see his family. Gaetano attempts to provoke Loy into a fight, but is stopped by Josto. As Zero goes inside, Loy offers to sit down with Josto sometime now that he is in charge of the Fadda Family, but Josto turns him down. Rabbi Milligan brings out Satchel Cannon, assuring Loy that he is taking good care of him and making sure he is protected. Loy promises Satchel he will come home, but he does not know the date. The boys are traded back and Loy leaves. Doctor Senator tells Loy no businesses have accepted the credit card, and Loy tells him about Gaetano's arrival. Senator says they should expand while the brothers fight, but Loy believes it may be bait. He decides to take over a slaughterhouse promised to him by Donatello before his death.

Gaetano wants to attack Cannon Limited, suspecting them of violent plans, but Josto states they will honor the deals made while Donatello was alive. When he is called downstairs, he reminds the room of his "no killing" order and leaves. He greets his fiancee Dessie Gillis, who is he marrying for political reasons, hoping to get in good with her father Milvin. Josto assures Gillis he will get him the votes he needs. Weff, corrupt and on the Faddas' payroll, meets with Josto and notes that the car out front matches the same model identified at the shooting. He tells him that Harvard is still alive, and he can only get the cops off Josto if he delays his revenge. Josto's advisor, Ebal Violante, agrees with Weff, telling him to wait until the new year.

Mayflower is caught trying to poison another patient. She tries to convince her boss that it was a mistake, but having had concerns about her already, he fires her. She manipulates the situation into getting two months severance pay and leaves in a huff. Arriving home, she offers Ethelrida a job cleaning her house, but is turned down. Senator's crew storms the slaughterhouse and pin an Italian's hand to a table with an ax in the process. They force the Italians out and Senator sits behind a desk, waiting for the Fadda response.

Mayflower bakes a pie laced with ipecac syrup. A group of Faddas, led by Gaetano, enter the slaughterhouse. He believes Senator is lying about Donatello making a deal, and despite elbowing the young, ambitious Leon Bittle in the face, agrees to confirm with Josto and respect it if it is true. Senator agrees to these terms and the Cannon men leave. As they do, he notes that they will be back, as Gaetano has only been in America for one day, but they have been there much longer.

As Loy prays with his family at the dinner table, Satchel eats alone in his bedroom in the Fadda house. Gaetano sits at the head of the Fadda dinner table until Josto forces him to move, leading the family in prayer. The Smutnys have a happy dinner together while Capps drops a flask into her bag, and Thurman finds Mayflower's pie on the porch, which he takes inside.

Weff and the Kansas City police, led by a U.S. Marshal, walk up the door of the Smutny house, and the Marshal raises his foot to kick it open.


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  • Mattie Will


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