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The Castle
Season 2, Episode 9
Episode Information
Air Date:

December 7, 2015

Written by:

Noah Hawley
Steve Blackman

Directed by:

Adam Arkin

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The Castle is the ninth episode of Season 2 of Fargo, as well as the nineteenth episode overall. It premiered on December 7, 2015.


Peggy and Ed agree to follow through with their plan at the Motor Motel, Lou faces jurisdictional politics and Hanzee reports back to the Gerhardts.


Reading from the book The History of True Crime in the Mid West, the author Barton Brixby goes over Chapter 14, which details "The Waffle Hut Massacre" of Luverne, calling it "perhaps the bloodiest chapter" of the book. As he flips through the pages, illustrations of dead bodies from the events of the season are seen. Brixby stops on a page that shows an illustration of Maynard Oltorf's store, and the scene fades from the book to the real world. Hanzee Dent emerges from the woods and kills Oltorf as he tries to call the police, and uses supplies from the store to dress his shoulder wound. He takes Oltorf's car and drives off.

Ed Blumquist explains Dodd Gerhardt's murder, as well as his deal with Mike Milligan to Lou Solverson, Hank Larsson, Ben Schmidt, Gibson, and several South Dakota State Patrol troopers. Captain Jeb Cheney plans to wire Ed during his meeting with Milligan but Lou, knowing Ed will likely be killed, tries to warn the Blumquists but is forced out by Cheney's men. Hank stays behind in hopes of stopping the plan. When Cheney offers the deal, Ed takes it.

As Milligan tells his boss he will soon come back to Kansas City with Dodd, Molly Solverson finds her mother passed out on the kitchen floor. Lou, having stopped at Oltorf's store, tries to call his house on the payphone, but gets no response. He notices Hanzee's bullet hole in the window and finds Oltorf's body, noting the missing car and set of keys. He tries to explain this to an arriving state trooper, but the officer insists on seeing him out of state. Lou radioes Hank and warns him about Hanzee, but he is quickly cut off by Gibson.

Hanzee stakes out outside the motel where the deal is set, watching Ed and Peggy being escorted to a room. Hanzee calls Floyd Gerhardt and pretends that Dodd is still alive. Before he can tell her who has him, Brixby interrupts to hypothesize when Hanzee turned on the Gerhardts, citing the mediocre Sioux Falls memorial and Bear talking to him about his place in the family. He tells Floyd the Kansas City Mafia has Dodd, and subtly convinces her to come to the motel with Bear and all available Gerhardt forces. Milligan thinks about his business friendship with Joe Bulo and sexual relationship with Simone Gerhardt as Gale Kitchen drives him to the motel, and distracts himself by playing with his gun. Lou goes to call home again at the border of Minnesota and South Dakota, but gets a call from Luverne reporting Constance Heck's murder. After a moment of consideration, Lou turns around and drives back into South Dakota.

The Gerhardts arrive in Sioux Falls at the same time as Lou, who frantically calls the State Patrol on his radio, his warning going unheard. As the Gerhardts silently kill the state trooper on watch, Hank, restless, gets out of bed. The Gerhardts burst into every occupied room at the same time, killing everyone except an on-guard Hank, a Peggy-alerted Schmidt and the Blumquists, and a few troopers playing late-night poker. Hanzee stabs Floyd to death just as Bear realizes Dodd is not in the motel, and he charges Hanzee until Lou shoots him in the side of the head. Despite shooting him multiple times, Bear pins him to the ground and chokes him. Hanzee wades into the fight, firing indiscriminately on Gerhardt soldiers and state troopers, wounding Hank.

Peggy knocks out Schmidt as Hanzee approaches the door. Brixby again stops the action to wonder as to why Hanzee had become determined to kill the Blumquists. He acknowledges the theory of wanting to cover Dodd's murder, everyone else aware of it being dead, but hypothesizes the reason as Hanzee showing them his true self when he asked Peggy to cut his hair. Before Hanzee can open the door and Bear can strangle Lou, the UFO appears in the sky. It distracts Bear long enough for Lou to grab his pistol and shoot him in the head, as well as distracting Hanzee long enough for Peggy to stun him with boiling water. The Blumquists run off with Hanzee pursuing, and Hank tells Lou to go after them. Milligan and Kitchen arrive, immediately leaving upon seeing all the Gerhardts dead. As the police arrive on the scene, the green lights of the UFO fly away into the distance.


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