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Ennis's death.

Thaddeus Mobley, later Ennis Stussy, is a recurring character in Fargo Season 3. He is the stepfather of Gloria Burgle.

Early Life

Before moving to Eden Valley, Minnesota in 1980, Thaddeus lived in Los Angeles, California. He was an award-winning science fiction author best known for his book "The Planet Wyh". He escaped to Minnesota for safety after attacking Howard Zimmerman with a cane. He took the name Ennis Stussy and fled Los Angeles. Ennis moved to Eden Valley, Minnesota in 1980. He was married to the widowed mother of Gloria Burgle in 1982, however they were only together for four years.



  • His alias, "Ennis Stussy" came from the toilet bowl in his motel room in Los Angeles. The company logo, "Dennis Stussy & Sons" had eroded, only to leave behind "Ennis Stussy".
  • It is unknown if Dennis Stussy, the owner of the toilet company, was related to Emmit and Ray. It is possible that the aforementioned Dennis may have been Emmit and Ray's father or some other type of relative.

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