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Swanee Capps is a character in Fargo Season 4


Swanee was in prison when her lover, Zelmare, learned that her sister, Dibrell, had taken a loan from Loy, a loan shark. She and Zelmare then broke out of prison to get her the money to pay her way out. They changed their clothes and went to Dibrell's house in the middle of the night. Dibrell reluctantly let them come in and fed them.[1]

Swanee and Zelmare had to hide when Wickware and his team came to the Smutny house looking for them. They hid in a morgue drawer downstairs, leading them to believe they weren't there. After they were gone, Swanee and Zelmare escaped in a hearse in a shared coffin, but not before Swanee ate much of the pie that Oraetta had poisoned and left on their front porch. In the coffin, Swanee repeatedly passed gas. Once they were out of the coffin, they went to one of Loy's businesses and Zelmare started stealing money as Swanee became distressed and started vomiting as well as continuously passing gas. In all, they stole $20,000 before Swanee urgently asked if they could leave.[2]

They went back to a hotel, where Zelmare washed the stolen money while Swanee lay in bed in agony. Zelmare then handed the money over to Thurman to pay off their debt to Loy.[3]

Ethelrida came to see Zelmare and Swanee on her birthday. They had a small celebration of her birthday and Swanee and Zelmare explained that they weren't criminals but outlaws and she could be as well. Later, just before Wickware came to their room to arrest them, Loy came in and ordered them to come with him, saying he was going to put them to work because they owed him.[4]

Under orders from Loy, they went to Gaetano's, shot him in the head, and kidnapped him. Due to his massive size, they had to use a rug to move his unconscious body.[5]

Not long after that, Loy gave Swanee and Zelmare tickets to Philly and told them to go and never come back.[6]

Swanee and Zelmare went to the station about 20 minutes before their train. Swanee stole them sone candy to eat while they waited. However, soon after, Zelmare spotted Wickware just as he spotted her. They pulled out their guns and started firing around them. They then ran, but Wickware cornered them with no ammo left. He gave the cuffs to Odis, but Odis shot both Wickware and Swanee, killing both. Zelmare screamed and ran away.[7]

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Season 4


  • She was arrested August 25, 1946 for armed robbery and accessory to murder.[8]
  • She is 5'7".[9]