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Storia Americana
Season 4, Episode 11
Episode Information
Air Date:

November 29, 2020

Written by:

Noah Hawley

Directed by:

Dana Gonzales

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Storia Americana is the eleventh episode of Season 4, and the forty-first episode overall. It aired on November 29, 2020.


Josto gets revenge, Oraetta comes clean and Ebal teaches Loy a lesson about business.


An opening montage shows shots of Donatello Fadda, Paolo Endrizzi, Antoon Dumini, Constant Calamita, Omie Sparkman, Dick Wickware, Odis Weff, Doctor Senator, Swanee Capps, Gaetano Fadda, and Rabbi Milligan, all deceased. Loy Cannon and Ebal Violante meet on a park bench where Loy shows him Donatello's ring, Josto Fadda drinks and smokes alone, Oraetta Mayflower sits placidly in jail, and Thurman and Dibrell Smutny stare in awe at their daughter as the Cannons leave their house.

Josto assaults and kidnaps David Harvard outside his hospital, forcing him into his car where Milvin Gillis is already sitting, similarly beaten. He drives them out into a field and kills them both, and Josto lights his car on fire with a lit cigarette. Mayflower is bailed out of jail by an unknown benefactor. Loy tells Violante to get the Fadda Family in order, and then they can talk about peace. Zero Fadda goes with Violante, and the boy smiles at Loy, who smiles back.

Loy looks out the window of his office as Leon Bittle creeps up behind him, raising a silenced pistol to kill him with. Josto is woken at his desk by Joe Bulo, who says they have killed Loy and won the war. Bulo leads him to Violante and the assembled Fadda Family, Mayflower among them. Loy, having anticipated Bittle's betrayal, has him strangled by Opal Rackley, and has Lionel Halloway assassinated by Banjo Rightway. Josto is accused by Violante of using Mayflower to kill his father, as well as killing Gaetano to seize power. Mayflower affirms that Josto asked her to "take care of" Donatello. Violante proclaims family businesses defunct, and has the men lead Josto and Mayflower away. Bulo takes them out to a field, and as he prepares to kill them, Josto hopelessly remarks that America is a "ladder, but there's nowhere to go." Mayflower requests that Bulo kill Josto first so she can watch, which he does. Delighted, she stares at his body before noticing the Snowman in her reflection off of Bulo's car. Bulo kills her as well, and their bodies are buried.

Loy takes his family home to find the door ajar, and he sweeps the house, suspecting an intruder. He finds the table in his dining room has been set with figures that represent his family, Satchel included, along with a red cap sitting on a nearby table. He finds Satchel asleep upstairs with Rabbit at his side. Overjoyed, Loy brings him to be reunited with his family. Violante meets with Loy, the war now over. Violante explains the new deal, which involves Loy giving up half his territory. When Loy tries to reject the deal, Violante tells him that killing him is pointless, as Loy does not see the man behind him, and all the men that follow. Loy reluctantly accepts the deal under threat of death and leaves in defeat. Rackley drives Loy home, who tells him to go home himself, as the war is over now. Loy watches his family through the window. Lemuel is playing his trumpet, his daughters are playing on the floor, and Satchel is reading How to Win Friends and Influence People. Zelmare Roulette stabs him in the back, then stabs him several more times when he turns, in retribution for the murder of Capps. Satchel notices the commotion and comes outside to find Roulette leaving and his father dying. Satchel lets his father touch his cheek as he dies.

Ethelrida reads the conclusion to her history report to her proud parents, explaining that history is a form of memory. She posits the question of who gets to choose the winners of each historic battle, and, now older, finishes reading it to the camera before picking up her suitcases and leaving.

Mike Milligan is driven by Gale Kitchen to the Sioux Falls Massacre and plays with his gun, remembering walking across Kansas towards home as Satchel.


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  • Loy is holding a sack of oranges before he is killed. This is likely an allusion to The Godfather, in which oranges are used as symbolism to represent death or impending disaster.


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