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Stavros Milos is the devout Christian owner of Phoenix Farms in Duluth, Minnesota and author of American Phoenix: The Stravos Milos Story. He is popularly known as the "Supermarket King of Minnesota."

Early Life

In February 1987, Stavros, along with his wife and son, traveled to Minnesota in order to escape outstanding debts he owed. Along their journey, Milos' car runs out of gas near Brainerd during a blizzard. After praying to God for help, Stravos finds an ice scraper in the snow, marking the location of a briefcase containing $920,000. Unknowing that it was missing ransom money buried by Carl Showalter days earlier, Stravos saw it as a Sign from God and kept the cash to presumably fund his ascension to his current spot as the Supermarket King of Minnesota. This event also precipitated Milos' conversion to Christianity, as when he returns to the car with the suitcase and sits beside his wife he merely mutters, "God is real."

Season 1

"The Rooster Prince"

Stavros is first seen in his office at Phoenix Farms. He hires Lorne Malvo to pursue and find the writer of a blackmail letter he received. The letter states that the blackmailer, "knows about the money," and demands, "$46,316." During the discussion, his son Dmitri Milos barges in to tell a joke, to which Stavros quickly shoos him out.

"A Muddy Road"

Stavros is seen looking for his dog King, eventually finds his corpse outside near his front steps. He unaware of the fact that Lorne had just snuck into the house and replaced his regular pills with adderall. Beside King's corpse is another blackmail letter, this time demanding one million dollars. He frustratedly confronts Lorne, angry that he has not yet found the blackmailer. During this meeting, Lorne discovers that Stavros is a devout Greek Orthodox Christian, through his crucifix which he wears around his neck as well as his stained-glass art depicting famous saints from the Bible. Lorne eventually uses this as an advantage, as he places pig's blood into the plumbing system. When Stavros is taking a shower, the water begins is replaced with blood which rains down on him. Screams are heard from outside the mansion.

"Eating the Blame"

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"The Six Ungraspables"

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"Buridan's Ass"

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Episode Appearances

Season 1


The name Stavros Milos is the same name as a character from Woody Allen's Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Sex* (*But Were Afraid to Ask). In that film, Stavros Milos (Titos Vandis) is a shepherd who brings a sheep to Doctor Ross (Gene Wilder) after he has fallen in love with the sheep.

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