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Somebody to Love
Season 3, Episode 10
Episode Information
Air Date:

June 21, 2017


1.22 million

Written by:

Noah Hawley

Directed by:

Keith Gordon

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Welcome to the Alternate Economy


Somebody to Love is the tenth and final episode of Season 3, and the thirtieth episode overall. It aired on June 21, 2017.


Gloria follows the money, Nikki plays a game and Emmit learns a lesson about progress from Varga.


Gloria Burgle types up her resignation letter as deputy but stops short of turning it in, as IRS agent Larue Dollard calls her using a number given to him by Nikki Swango. He tells her that he has been doing extensive research into Stussy Lots, and that V.M. Varga has gotten away with almost two hundred million dollars.

At Emmit Stussy's house, he continues to sign papers for Varga, who compares himself to a large animal and Emmit to prey before getting a call from Nikki, who has set up the handoff of two million dollars for Varga's records, which he does not know she has already sent to the IRS. Emmit seizes the moment and grabs Meemo's gun, drawing it on Varga, finally coming to terms with his manipulation. Meemo quickly incapacitates him and Varga orders his men to wipe all evidence of them being in the house, planning to leave after the meeting with Nikki.

The meeting is in a storage facility, but Nikki uses a child to direct Varga and his men to the building. Varga has his men drop off the money and get the records while he waits by the elevator. Just as the men find a note to leave the money and get the records out of a locker, Varga gets a message from an anonymous source telling him the IRS already has his records. Realizing he has been led into a trap, Varga gets inside the elevator and leaves his men to be massacred by Wes Wrench. Nikki waits outside the elevator with a shotgun, finding the car empty save for Varga's coat. Wrench gives her the briefcase of money, but she only takes a small amount and orders him to keep the rest before leaving.

Emmit awakens with the stamp stuck to his forehead. He notices it when outside, peeling it off and dropping it on the ground. He drives to Stussy Lots, only to find it being taken over by Ruby Goldfarb, who had been working for Varga from the start. Goldfarb tells him he will have to file for bankruptcy, but has hundreds of millions stored away, having security escort him out. Dollard explains Varga's scheme to Gloria when she gets the call about the storage locker, and Winnie Lopez shows her security footage taken of Nikki, Wrench, and Varga. Gloria realizes she is headed for Emmit next and leaves to warn him.

Emmit's car breaks down on the side of the road in the middle of a desolate country highway. Nikki tracks him down and holds him at gunpoint, Emmit ultimately deciding it would be better if she shot him, and she attempts to recite the words Paul Murrane had given to her from memory. As she struggles, a police officer notices the two and pulls over, Nikki stashing her gun on the back of Emmit's bumper. Both Nikki and Emmit's behavior alarm the officer, and he draws his gun on both of them. Nikki tries to shoot first, and she and the officer end up shooting and killing each other at the same time. Emmit leaves the scene quickly.

Gloria watches Nikki's body be loaded and driven away and decides to go see her son, Nathan, taking him off his school bus. She discusses Ennis' murder with him, and tells him that the world often does not make sense and that those who love each other have to stick together. Emmit drives out to see his wife, Stella, and weeps at her feet, ultimately reconciling. Five years later, Emmit has pled guilty to tax fraud, only receiving two years probation. Back together with his family, (plus a paralyzed but awake Sy Feltz) he eats a meal with them and offers to get dessert. He smiles wistfully at his fridge, adorned with pictures of friends and family, from which Ray is absent. As he opens the fridge to get dessert, he is shot in the back of the head by Wrench.

Gloria, now a DHS agent, learns that Varga has been arrested at an airport, flying in from Brussels. Varga initially pretends to be a software salesman, but quickly drops the act when Gloria shows him the picture of him in the elevator. The two discuss whether or not reality can be manipulated, and Varga states his belief that humans beings' worth comes from the money they earn, a viewpoint that Gloria vehemently disagrees with. Gloria claims that Varga will go to prison for the rest of his life, while Varga claims he will be released. The two sit in silence, Varga humming as Gloria stares at the clock, the screen fading to black before an outcome is shown.


Main cast

Guest starring


  • Andy Yu as Meemo
  • Graham Verchere as Nathan Burgle
  • David Correa as Boy
  • Michael Brown as Officer Crowley
  • Caitlynne Merdek as Grace Stussy
  • Niko Koupantsis as Dennis
  • Vickie Papavs as Esther
  • Jamaal Grant as Agent Honeycomb