Scotty Lundegaard
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Lundegaard family


Jerry Lundegaard - Father
Jean Lundegaard - Mother
Wade Gustafson - Grandfather








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Scotty Lundegaard (born c. 1975) is the son of Jerry Lundegaard and Jean Lundegaard.

Early Life

Nothing much is known about Scotty's early life, other than the fact that he was the only child of Jerry and Jean, and is likely the only grandchild of Wade Gustafson. He enjoys watching the Gophers with his grandfather, Wade. 

Events of Fargo (Minneapolis, 1987)

Scotty is initially shown as a spoiled child and enjoys watching TV, junk food and 'going out to McDonald's' with his 'friends' (it is heavily implied that he is involved with juvenile smoking, drugs or vandalism). 

Later in the film, it is also revealed that Scotty is poor academically, is a 'C' student who doesn't show much care for studies, and instead devotes his time to hockey. When Jean threatens to stop his hockey, Scotty swears in front of his parents, and elicits only a mild response from them. 

After Jean's kidnapping, Scotty is shown to be locked in his room, and extremely scared. His eyes are red, and it is clear that he loves his mother very much. Throughout the film, his repeated questions about Jean and his initial willingness to call the police are constant thorn in the side of Jerry Lundegaard, who eventually abandons him and the house after picking up Gustafson's dead body after the pickup of the ransom. 

Nothing further is revealed about Scotty's fate; with Jerry in prison and Jean dead, it is likely that he was turned over to relatives, or to the care of Stan Grossman. 

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