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Season 2, Episode 6
Episode Information
Air Date:

November 16, 2015


1.15 million

Written by:

Noah Hawley

Directed by:

Jeffrey Reiner

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The Gift of the Magi

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Did You Do This? No, You Did It!


Rhinoceros is the sixth episode of Season 2 of Fargo, as well as the sixteenth episode overall. It premiered on November 16, 2015.


Lou and Hank try to prevent an altercation, Peggy and Ed defend their choices and the Gerhardt clan attempts to get back one of their own.


Lou Solverson arrests Ed Blumquist in front of a furious and protesting Peggy, who is being guarded by Hank Larsson. Lou finds Betsy at the police station, caring for the now homeless Noreen Vanderslice. Betsy observes that war and conflict would be easier if the wives and mothers of the soldiers on both sides came with and dragged their men home, and takes Noreen back to the Solverson's place.

Charlie Gerhardt uses his phone call to call his father, who is sitting with Otto, telling him about his memory of his oldest brother's death in the Korean War. As Dodd berates Simone for her lifestyle choices, Bear learns where Charlie is and why, and attacks Dodd on the steps of the house. Hanzee Dent aims a firearm at him to get him to stop, and Dodd, wanting to assert his leadership, prepares to beat Bear with his belt, only stopped by a furious Floyd. Once learning about the situation, she sends Bear to get Charlie out of prison, and Dodd to kill the Blumquists.

Simone calls Mike Milligan and informs him of the Gerhardts' plans, and asks that he kill her father, which he promises to do. After hanging up, he recites the Lewis Carroll poem "Jabberwocky" while the Kansas City Mafia arms themselves and the Gerhardt Crime Syndicate drives to Luverne. At home with Peggy, Hank informs her of the full scope of the situation, and that she and Ed are stuck in a turf war between the KC Mob and the Gerhardts. Peggy dismisses this, stating that all of this is coincidence. He almost gets Peggy to admit to hitting Rye with her car.

As Lou interrogates Ed but gets nowhere, Ed bemoans that he feels a connection to Noreen's book, Camus' The Myth of Sisyphus. When he asks for a lawyer, Lou gets him an intoxicated Karl Weathers. Dodd arrives at the Blumquist house looking for Ed, and Hank tells him he is at the police station in lockup. Hanzee knocks Hank out with a rifle, and is sent to the police station by Dodd to find Ed. He takes two men to search the house while Peggy hides in the basement, filled with stacks of old newspapers and other junk. She kills one man by bashing him with a sink, and Dodd accidentally shoots and kills the other when startled. Peggy electrocutes Dodd with his own cattle prod.

As Floyd lectures Simone on the importance of sticking with the family, the KC Mob invades the compound and shoots up the house, killing a couple of Gerhardt soldiers and Otto. As Karl arrives to give Ed counsel, he promises to get all charges dropped (even though Ed has not been charged with anything) and when he goes to leave, finds the station surrounded by Bear and his men. Lou orders the building to go into lockdown and radioes for backup. Hanzee sneaks around the back and nearly shoots Ed through a window, but an officer closes the blinds before he can. Lou orders Karl to act as Charlie's lawyer, and takes Ed out of holding, narrowly avoiding Hanzee as they escape out the back window. Karl convinces Bear to leave by telling him springing his son will make him a fugitive, but leaving will let him live his life after he serves five years of jail time.

A groggy Hank wakes up on the Blumquist porch and comes across Lou and Ed as he drives to the police station. As they talk, Ed runs off, and Hank stops Lou from following, knowing he is going to get Peggy. Hanzee emerges from the woods after they leave, looking in the direction of the Blumquist's house.


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  • The episode's title, in keeping with the season's naming theme, is a reference to an absurdist work of literature. In this case, it is a reference to Eugène Ionesco's play Rhinoceros.
  • In this episode there's some scenes with Karl during the ending credits.
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