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Ray's death.

Raymond "Ray" Stussy is the tritagonist in Fargo Season 3. He is a parole officer, an employee of the St Cloud Parole Board, and the fiancé of Nikki Swango, a recent parolee under his guardianship.


His father died in 1980, he was 15 years old and his brother Emmit was 17. He was convinced by Emmit to trade the stamp collection for the corvette.

Physical Appearance

Despite being the younger brother, Ray had a much more aged appearance than his older brother, Emmit, looking like a middle-aged man at his relatively young age of 45. He had dark blond hair, blue eyes, a prominent mustache, and according to Moe Dammick's description, a "hillbilly hair", with a bald spot in the middle of his head. He was also overweight, being described by Emmit in his youth as "chubby", and later by Dammick as having a "beer belly", probably after his autopsy.

In spite of this, Ray enjoyed a remarkable resemblance to Emmit, his older brother, successfully impersonating him on two occasions to accomplish some of his tasks, shaving off his moustache and wearing a wig reminiscent of Emmit's hairstyle.

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  • Ray is the second main character to die in a non-finale episode, the first being Floyd Gerhardt.


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