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Patrick "Rabbi" Milligan is a character in Fargo Season 4.


Life with the Moskowitzes and Betraying His Family

As a small child, Rabbi was part of an exchange between his family and the Moskowitz Syndicate. He was sent to live with the Moskowitzes while Ari Moskowitz was sent to live with the Milligans. The idea was that this would keep the peace between the two factions. However, when Rabbi was slightly older, he helped his family of origin take out the Moskowitzes and allow the Milligans to assume power.

When Rabbi was older, a new faction came to town, the Fadda Family. A second exchange was made. Instead of sending the youngest son, Rabbi was sent again in exchange for Josto Fadda. However, this time, Rabbi helped the Fadda Family take out the Milligans, even personally killing his own father.

A third exchange took place when the Cannon Limited came to town. Zero Fadda was sent to live with Cannons, who send Satchel Cannon to live with the Faddas. Rabbi encouraged Zero, telling him to be who he needed to be without forgetting who he is.[1]

Caring for Satchel and Disloyalty to Gaetano

When Loy came to see Satchel for a scheduled visit, Rabbi brought him out and assured Loy that Satchel was entirely in his care and was well-cared for.[2] Rabbi continued to care for Satchel, reassuring him when he expressed that he wanted to go home.

Gaetano, wanting to seize power from his brother, Josto, decided to test Rabbi's loyalty to their family. He sent Constant Calamita to take Rabbi for a special mission. Calamita drove them to Lemuel's college and then Rabbi understood that he was meant to shoot at Lemuel and his bodyguard and kill them. However, he refused, so Calamita fired on their car himself, but didn't hit either of them. Rabbi had realized the order didn't come from Josto, but Gaetano, and got out of the car to walk home.[3]

Rabbi went to Josto to ask him about the hit on Lemuel and Josto confirmed that he didn't order it. He was angry that Gaetano was trying to take it over and ordered Rabbi to spy on the others for him. Later, he was confronted by Loy and his men, who knew he was involved in the shooting. He said nothing to Loy except that he was protecting Loy's son. Loy told him that if anything happened to either of his boys, he'd feed Rabbi to some pigs, which rabbi agreed was fair.[4]

Josto told Rabbi he believed Gaetano would go home soon and things would go back to normal, but Rabbi knew that wasn't true. In light of the tension between the factions, Rabbi prepared Satchel, telling him to vanish when the shooting started. Rabbi later went with Josto to visit the Cannon men in jail. After Josto left, he told them he would keep Satchel safe and told them the rest of them would die.[5]

Fleeing Kansas City and Death

While he was helping Satchel with his studies, Rabbi was called away. As usual, he told Satchel that if he didn't return, he was dead or in jail. He then went to the club to meet Josto. Unbeknownst to him, Antoon was sent to kill Satchel in his absence. Josto gave Rabbi orders, but what he said made Rabbi realize they were planning to kill Satchel, so he defied orders and went after Antoon and Satchel instead. When he found them, he killed Antoon and fled with Satchel after telling him that they had to leave, but that he could return when the dust settled if he chose to.[6]

Rabbi and Satchel drove to Liberal, Kansas, where they found lodging in a hotel split into two halves by warring sisters. Once he got Satchel settled into the room, Rabbi went out to retrieve some money he had stored in a shop nearby. However, when he went to the shop, he found it had been sold and remodeled. He went back to the hotel, where they had dinner and spent a restless night. The next day, Rabbi returned to the shop and retrieved what was left of the money from the new owners. He then told Satchel they were leaving after dinner instead of staying another night as planned. When he learned that it was Satchel's birthday, Rabbi decided to head to a nearby filling station to buy him something sweet as a treat. However, at the filling station, he was confronted by Calamita, who shot him before they were both picked up by a passing tornado.[7]

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The IMDB lists the ages for Rabbi/Patrick in the flashbacks as 7, 12, and 15/17. The Trade with the Fadda was specified as 1934, which would make him only 31 in 1950. Same with Josto Fadda. However the actors playing the adult versions in 1950 are both 40 years old, which makes it confusing if that was an oversight or on purpose.

Going off of the information he provided above, I made a post about the ages. Please view it here, it should be the most accurate.

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