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"But you're not a man, Lester. You're not even half a man. Honestly, I don't know what got into me marrying you. My mom said, "Don't do it, Pearl." She said, "He's the kind of boy that loses all the time." "And you know what those boys grow up to be, don't ya? Losers.""
―Pearl Nygaard

Pearl Nygaard is the wife of Lester Nygaard, and often condescending to him as well as verbally abusive.

Early Life

Pearl Nygaard was born in 1967. She was a high school classmate of Lester Nygaard. She went to prom with him and the two married in 1988.

Season 1

"The Crocodile's Dilemma"

Pearl is first seen talking with her husband Lester Nygaard about the loud washing machine. She boasts that Lester's brother, Chaz Nygaard, had just bought a bunch of new utilities, including a new washer and a flat-screen TV with surround sound. She says she probably married the wrong Nygaard. She continues to banter, telling Lester he needs to try harder at work in order to get nicer things. She tells him to get a new tie, even though she bought it for him. Her voice is eventually blocked out when Lester focuses on the washing machine. She is later seen with Lester as they go to visit Chaz and his family for a ham dinner. Pearl continues to mock Lester as Kitty Nygaard, Chaz's wife, talks about the recent raise Chaz received at work. On the way back home after Lester and Chaz get into a fight, Pearl questions why Lester would hit his own brother. Pearl comes home one day to find Lester in the basement trying to fix the washing machine. She starts it for a test run and it immediately breaks down. Pearl gets upset at Lester for "killing" her washing machine, and banters about how Lester is nothing close to a man and never will be. Lester threatens her with a hammer, but she continues to taunt him, thinking he could never hit his wife. He of course does, and one strike to the head stuns her. He then proceeds to hit her again to knock her to the ground, and then sits on her chest and repeatedly pounds her on the head with the hammer, splattering blood up the walls and stairs which ultimately leads to her body being discovered.

Episode Appearances

Season 1


  • It was revealed by Bill Oswalt that Lester had a crush on her in high-school.

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