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Paolo Endrizzi is a character in Fargo Season 4.


Paolo was first seen when Donatello Fadda and the Fadda Family faced Loy Cannon and the Cannon Limited. When Loy pulled out a knife, Paolo was one of many who pulled out a gun in response.[1]

In retaliation for refusing Donatello treatment, Paolo and two other members of the Fadda Family drove by the hospital and fired at him. However, they missed him and only killed the woman he was with. When they told Josto they weren't sure they got him, he said they had to try again until they got him. However, they later had to back off when Odis came to them and said he could pin the shooting on someone else, but only if they held back from killing Harvard for a while.[2]

Paolo was sitting with Gaetano when Zelmare and Swanee came in the building to kidnap him. Gaetano sent Paolo out to investigate the noises they were hearing. Soon after, a figure appeared on the other side of the door. Afraid, Gaetano fired several shots through the door. However, when the door opened, he learned that the figure was Paolo, who then collapsed to the floor and died.[3]

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