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Opal Rackley is a character in Fargo Season 4.


Opal came to town with Loy Cannon and the Cannon Limited. They immediately faced off with Donatello Fadda and the Fadda Family. They called a truce by each of them slitting their palm and shaking hands. They later exchanged sons, Satchel Cannon for Zero Fadda.

Opal later escorted Loy and Doctor to the bank to meet with Clayton Winckle and present their credit card, which he rejected.[1]

Opal went with other members of Cannon Limited to take over the slaughterhouse at Loy's order. Gaetano came in to challenge them, but agreed to accept it if Josto did.[2]

Opal informed Loy that his plan to force Gaetano to kill Josto hadn't worked and instead they were closer than every. When Opal asked him what to do next, Loy said Fargo. When Wickare came to Loy looking for Zelmare and Swanee, Opal tried to warn him off unsuccessfully.[3]

Opal informed Loy that Leon and Happy had met with Josto and Gaetano, meaning they were planning a takeover. Loy confided in Opal that he was feeling weak since the death of his son.[4]

When Leon and Happy planned to take over Loy's operations, Leon came to kill Loy to make it happen. Unfortunately, Opal was there and strangled Leon before Leon could kill Loy. Loy then sent his men to kill Happy as well. Opal later went with Loy to meet with Ebal, who had assumed power of the Fadda family. Ebal made it clear that he was in charge and Loy and his crew worked for him. Disheartened, Loy send Opal home, saying the war was over.[5]

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