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Omie Sparkman is a character in Fargo Season 4.


Omie came to town with Loy Cannon and the Cannon Limited. They immediately faced off with Donatello Fadda and the Fadda Family. They called a truce by each of them slitting their palm and shaking hands. They later exchanged sons, Satchel Cannon for Zero Fadda.[1]

Omie went with other members of Cannon Limited to take over the slaughterhouse at Loy's order. Gaetano came in to challenge them, but agreed to accept it if Josto did.[2]

Omie went with Loy and ambushed Odis Weff at his home, wrapping him in his own shower curtain and nearly smothering him to death. After Omie freed him, Loy made it clear that he owned Odis.

When Loy had Gaetano kidnapped, Omie watched over him and intimidated him.[3]

Omie later went with Opal to get Odis and bring him to Loy. When Loy was told that Calamita had killed Satchel, he sent Omie to kill him.[4]

Omie tracked Calamita to Liberal, Kansas, using help from Aldo Abruzo. When they came across a filling station, Omie made a deal with the owner that he and Aldo would paint for him in exchange for being able to stay there and wait for anyone coming through. When Aldo tried to run away as Calamita arrived, Omie shot him in the back. Calamita and Omie then got into a confrontation. Rabbi arrived at the filling station soon afterward and Calamita shot both him and Omie before all three were swept away by a passing tornado.[5]

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