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Odis Weff is a character in Fargo Season 4.


Odis Weff had been of the Fadda’s payroll for some time though entered events when Mattie Will was killed by the Faddas, who were attempting to kill David Harvard. He spoke to Harvard, who knew it was the Faddas. Then he went to the Faddas and warned them that they needed to back off so he could frame someone else for the shooting.[1]

When Dick Wickware came to town to track down and re-capture Zelmare and Swanee, Odis was assigned to help him, much to his chagrin, as he wanted to continue working on the murder case so he could handle it for the Fadda family. He urged Wickware to find them quickly.[2]

Odis got a fake informant to tell Wickware that Swanee and Zelmare said they were heading for Chicago, hoping it would make Wickware leave town in pursuit of them. It didn't work, as Wickware said they had US Marshals in Chicago who could pursue that lead while he stayed in Kansas City. While he was speaking to Wickware, Rabbi appeared to him and signaled with his hand, so Odis excused himself, saying he had to meet with an informant. Odis went to meet with Josto, while Wickware waited outside.[3]

On Josto's orders, Odis used his authority as a police officer to try to intimidate Loy. However, this plan was thwarted when Loy taunted him about his past as a minesweeper, which led to the death of a colonel when he was too nervous to sweep an area for mines. Despite this, several members of the Cannon Limited were arrested and led out. Odis told Loy to stick to the deal before leaving. Wickware later visited Odis at his home, having heard about the Cannons. While he was there, he learned that Odis's fiancée had been raped and murdered while he was serving in the war.[4]

Odis came home one night and was attacked by a figure that jumped out of his shower and wrapped him in his shower curtain. He struggled to breathe until the figure, Omie, poked a hole in the curtain. As he recovered, Odis told Omie and Loy that he was just following Josto's orders. Loy made it clear that he owned Odis before leaving. He later used this authority to order Odis to go to the Fadda house, get Satchel, and bring him home. Odis went to the Fadda house and spotted Satchel, but before he could take him, Calamita came in with news of Gaetano's capture, the start of a war between the Faddas and the Cannons. The Faddas then assigned Odis to go get Gaetano back, not knowing about his new relationship with Loy.[5]

As Odis watched Loy's operations, Wickware confronted him about his own corruption, though Odis denied it. Odis later packed a bag and went to leave, but was stopped by Omie and Opal, who took him to Loy. Loy made it clear to Odis that he would be part of whatever Loy did next.[6]

When Wickare learned where Swanee and Zelmare were, he put together a group to go re-capture them. Odis specifically asked to be part of that team and convinced Wickware to let him. However, when they went to the train station, Odis couldn't get out of the car. By the time he worked up the nerve, Wickware had Zelmare and Swanee cornered with no ammo left. He gave Odis the cuffs to put on them. Instead, Odis shot first Wickware and then Swanee. He then fired at Zelmare, but missed and she ran off, leaving him on the floor of the train station. He had been ordered by Loy over the phone just before asking to join, to execute all three of them. It is likely he lied to Loy that he had killed Zelmare considering his disassociation with Loy following the event and Loy’s loss of intention in finding her.[7]

As the war between the Cannon Limited and the Fadda family continued into 1951 over a few months, Odis moved away from working for either Loy or Josto and away from his corruption, he became bold and had Josto and his men arrested. Odis became a celebrated officer of the police department. When Josto called to threaten him, he merely ignored the threat and hung up on him. Odis continued about his day, being escorted to and from work by other officers for his safety. He came home at the end of the day to find the place ransacked and the picture of his fiancée defaced. He quickly fled, but as he reached his car, Gaetano approached and confronted him. Odis came to accept his fate and remember the moments he spent with his fiancé. Soon afterward, Gaetano fired at him and killed him. Returning to Josto, Gaetano tripped and discharge his gun into himself by accident. A smile on Odis’ face indicated he likely witnessed Gaetano’s embarrassing death just before his own. [8]

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  • Odis suffers from obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) which worsens during stressful situations and is likely developed after the trauma he experienced during the Second World War. For him it involves extreme stress when in situations without control and the need for things to be orderly, though is extreme enough to the point of involving various ticks and compulsions. Among these, he is irrationally compelled to knock twice and vocally breathe in or out repeatedly when opening a door (usually done around three or four times); tap a rythem of five with his fingers and thumb; rubbing his eyebrow and counting up to five vocally.

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