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John Carroll Lynch

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Norm Gunderson is the husband of Marge Gunderson.

Early Life

Little is known about Norm's life prior to the events in Fargo. He has been married to Marge for a "long time" prior to 1987. Norm takes up the hobbies of ice fishing at Mille Lacs Lake and as a painter by competing in a stamp contest against the Hautman brothers.


On an early morning in January 1987, Norm is awakened by a phone call for Marge to investigate a triple homicide outside Brainerd. He makes Marge eggs for breakfast before she goes and jump starts her car. Later that day, he buys her lunch at Arby's and brings it to the police station to eat with her.

When Marge returns from Minneapolis, Norm tells her that his painting of a Mallard has been selected as the new 3-cent stamp while being upset that Hautman's Blue-winged Teal painting was selected for the 29-cent. However, Marge still thinks it's "terrific" that Norm's painting was selected and is very proud of him.

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