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Nikki Swango is the deuteragonist of Fargo Season 3. She is a recent parolee with a knack for competitive bridge playing and the fiancee of her parole officer, Ray Stussy. She is drawn further into a life of crime after a botched robbery orchestrated by Ray.


Nikki is a young and attractive woman. She has short brown hair, brown eyes and fair skin. Her physical attributes are emphasized (albeit in an indecent way) by Scotty Pullover, a parole officer and co-worker (and friend in some way) of Ray Stussy, her fiancé and, also, her parole officer.

She has a talent for competitive bridge, which is evident when she comes in third place in a bridge competition, alongside Ray.

Early life

Not much is known about Nikki's early life, although it is intuited that she has been involved in criminal acts from a very young age. Moe Dammick, Chief of the Eden Valley Police Department, mentions that she has a history of domestic violence, so it is likely that she went to prison for a crime related to this history.

At some point, after entering prison, she is released on parole, remaining in the custody of Raymond Stussy, brother of real estate tycoon Emmit Stussy. She ends up becoming romantically involved with Ray after her first meeting with him, at the St. Cloud Parole Board.

Season 3

"The Law of Vacant Places"

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"The Principle of Restricted Choice"

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"The Narrow Escape Problem"

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"The House of Special Purpose"

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"The Lord of No Mercy"

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"The Law of Inevitability"

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"Who Rules the Land of Denial?"

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"Somebody to Love"

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Episode appearances

Season 3


  • Nikki shares a surname with Michael Swango, nicknamed by the press as "Dr. Death", an American former physician and an admitted serial killer, involved in as many as 60 homicides of his patients and colleagues, and sentenced in 2000 to three consecutive life terms on murder and fraud charges. It is unknown if, in the Fargo universe, Nikki is related to him in any way.
  • Unlike her, Michael Swango was stripped of his parole eligibility for the seriousness of his crimes, in real life.

Murders committed

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