Mr. Rundle is a minor character in Fargo Season 1. While he mainly deals in real estate, he is also a mediator for contract killers, including one Lorne Malvo.


Early life

As a young man, Rundle married a Korean woman named Georgia. However, they have since seperated. He mentions that she would spit at him when they had sex. (Who Shaves the Barber?)

At some point, Rundle began to work as a handler for contract killers, acting as an intermediary between them and clients. Operating out of a legitimate front business called Rundle Realty in Reno, Nevada, his organization eventually expanded operations out of every state but Georgia.

Hiring Malvo

In January 2006, a client took out a hit on Phil McCormick, an accountant living in Saint Paul, Minnesota. Rundle gave the assignment to Lorne Malvo, one of his best hitmen. (A Muddy Road)

Rundle is on the phone with a client regarding setting up an unknown hit to look like an accident when he recieves another call from Malvo. This call, as Rundle says, is a day later than expected. He learns that despite this, McCormick has been killed. Upon being told to delay Malvo's next client in Duluth, Rundle asks him the nature of said delay. (The Crocodile's Dilemma)


After a water aerobics class, Rundle heads into his office. Malvo is waiting for him, and tells him that two hitmen sent by "Fargo" tried to kill him in Duluth. Rundle denies having any involvement in or knowledge of the attack, and refuses to divulge who in Fargo may have been responsible. Malvo threatens to kill him unless he answers, and Rundle tells him where to find the Fargo Mob. It is unknown whether Malvo killed him afterwards or merely wounded him, though the assassin cut ties with his organization in the process. Either way, his ultimate fate is left unknown (Who Shaves the Barber?).

Episode appearances

Season 1