Moses Tripoli is the leader of the Fargo Crime Syndicate.

Early Life

Moses began life as Native American, Hanzee Dent. At some point, Moses founded the Fargo Crime Syndicate, with the intention of destroying the Kansas City Family

Season 1

"Buridan's Ass"

During a meeting of the Fargo Crime Syndicate in a Chinese restaurant, Moses abruptly brings up the subject of Sam Hess. He is informed by Mr. Carlyle and Mr. Jergen that Grady Numbers and Wes Wrench have been deployed to round up his killer, but he is insistent that the person responsible be killed, in order to send a message.

"Who Shaves the Barber?"

Moses is gunned down when Lorne Malvo storms the Fargo Crime Syndicate headquarters.

Season 2


A badly wounded Hanzee Dent meets a man who provides him with documents for his new identity -- Moses Tripoli.  Hanzee is referred to a "face man" who he is told will make "structural" changes to his face.  When he is asked about his plans, he says he will start an empire of his own.  When he is asked about his plans for revenge on the Kansas City mob, he starts speaking in the same manner that Tripoli did in the meeting in "Buridan's Ass": "Not apprehend, dead.  Don't care 'heavily guarded', don't care 'Into the sea.'"  He also defends a pair of boy, one of whom is deaf, from a bullies (the boys, obviously, being Wrench and Numbers.)

Episode Appearances

Season 1

Season 2


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