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Milvin Gillis is the father of Dessie Gillis, Josto's fiancée.


Milvin's daughter, Dessie, was engaged to Josto, for purely political reasons. Josto was meant to help Milvin get elected in exchange for his daughter's hand in marriage. Milvin worried about Josto not keeping up his end of the deal, though Josto assured him he would.[1]

Josto later met with Milvin and Dessie and proposed an Election Day wedding. Dessie agreed, but Milvin was opposed, saying he wanted to see the results of the election so he could decide if Josto was fit to be his daughter's husband.[2]

Once the war broke out in full force, Milvin told Josto the engagement was off, as he was public enemy #1. Josto tried to talk him into just renegotiating their deal, but Milvin argued with them and left after being punched by Gaetano.[3]

Angered at the death of his brother, Josto found and kidnapped Milvin Gillis, long with David Harvard. He then took both of them out, killed them, and burned their bodies in a car.[4]

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