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"Now, ironically, in astronomy, the word "revolution" means, "a celestial object that comes full circle." Did you know that? Which, if you think about it, is pretty funny, considering here on earth it means change."
―Mike Milligan

Michael "Satchel" Cannon, later known professionally as Mike Milligan, is a recurring character in Fargo Season 2 and Season 4.

Season 4

In 1949, Satchel and his family moved from New York City to Kansas City, Missouri, where his father challenged the balance of power. Like previous factions, the Cannons made a pact with the Faddas, the family in power. Part of this pact involved trading their sons. Over his objections, Satchel himself was traded for Zero Fadda. He was welcomed to the Faddas by Rabbi Milligan, who had been traded himself twice as a child, who encouraged him to be who he needed to be while not forgetting who he really is.[1]

Loy later came to the Faddas' house to see Satchel. Satchel and Rabbi both assured him that Satchel was well cared for. They shared an attic room and Rabbi was responsible for all of Satchel's care.[2]

Rabbi continued to care for Satchel, teaching him and protecting him. Anytime he had to leave Satchel, he told him if he didn't return, he was dead or in jail.[3]

When Rabbi started to sense that a big war was coming, he warned Satchel to hide as soon as he heard shooting.

Satchel was left alone at the Fadda house when Rabbi was called away to meet with Josto. Rabbi tried to send him upstairs to their room, but Satchel asked to stay and finish the program they were watching on TV. Naneeda Fadda promised she'd make sure he got upstairs after it was finished, so Rabbi allowed him to stay. After Rabbi was gone, Antoon came on Josto's orders to take Satchel and kill him. He took Satchel out to Camp Elegance and told him about being extremely poor to the point of eating his own shoes in Italy and then being sent to Kansas, where he was fed and felt alive again. He then had Satchel go look where he'd carved his own name. He then aimed his gun at Satchel, but found himself unable to pull the trigger. As he hesitated, Rabbi came up and shot him in the back, saving Satchel's life. Then he told Satchel it was war and they'd have to leave for a while. He said that when the dust settled, he could come back if he wanted, but not until then.[4]

Satchel and Rabbi ended up in Liberal, Kansas, where they rented a room in a hotel run by two sisters who didn't get along. Rabbi left Satchel at the hotel while he went to retrieve some money he had hidden in a shop there. While Rabbi was gone, Satchel found a dog named Rabbit hiding in the hotel and decided to keep the dog as his companion. When Rabbi returned and learned it was Satchel's birthday, he left to get something sweet as a treat for him. However, he was swept up by a tornado before he could return. Satchel, remembering that Rabbi always told him if he didn't return he was in jail or dead, took what Rabbi had left him and set off with Rabbit.[5]

Now on his own, Satchel stole milk and used Rabbi's gun to protect himself as he walked.[6]

Satchel walked the rest of the way back to Kansas City, where he slipped into his family's home while they were out, surprising them when they returned. The family was happily reunited. However, soon afterward, Zelmare came to their home and stabbed Loy on the front porch in revenge for Swanee's death. Satchel was the first to notice and came outside to sit with his father as he died of his wounds.[7]

Season 2

in 1979, after taking the name from Rabbi Milligan, his past guardian, he become a hitman for the Kansas's City's mafia. He works with two other men named the Kitchen brothers who don't speak. He works for Joe Bulo another character who returns for season four. He likes to come up with things that stick in your head. He wants dominance and power, and he does many things to try to achieve it. Although it didn't seem to work out to well because in the end after he won, he landed in an office chair, you could say he ended up like his dad, in power but not full control. He was dating one of the Gerhardts, The granddaughter Simmone which later ends and so does she. After his boss dies he plans to meet up with Ed Blumquist but when he gets there, his job is done because Hanzee and some police men were there to kill the Gerhardts. He goes to the Gerhardt's home, kills one of there "allies" after he was stealing their stuff(not because he was stealing) and went to his new boss said it was done and was put to work in an office.

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