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LeFay's corpse.

Maurice LeFay is a character in Fargo Season 3. He is described as "a stoner with a criminal past."


Not much is known about Maurice's past, although it can be assumed that he was involved in criminal activities when he was younger. It is also assumed that he is of Cajun origin, due to the origin of his surname.

Back to the present,Ray Stussy meets with Maurice at a unknown bar. He tells Maurice that he didn't pass his drug test. Ray tells Maurice that he'll look the test through his fingers if he goes and steals one of his brother's stamps.

Ray gives Maurice the address to his brothers house. Later on, while smoking weed and driving, he loses the paper and decides to navigate to Emmit's house only using his head.

He ends up at a Stussy house, but unbeknownst to Maurice, he ends up at the wrong house. He panics when a man sees him breaking in, and he knocks him out and ties the man up, leaving him to suffocate. (Whether or not killing the man was his intent or purely accidental is left to debate.) He hastily goes through drawers around the house, in a mission to find the stamps and get out.

He finds some stamps, thinking that they were the ones Ray desired, and gets out, just when the owner arrives, fully aware that someone has broken in to the house.

After this, he finds Ray and his girlfriend together in a bathtub at her apartment. Much to Ray's surprise, Maurice brought him some random cheap stamps and not the stamp he was asking for. Unsatisfied with the results of the break-in, Ray heats up and lunges at Maurice to which Maurice reacts by pulling out a gun on him.

Maurice, now "assaulted", demands five thousand dollars from Ray. After he leaves the apartment building and stopping for a smoke, he is hit in the head with an falling air conditioner, kicked off from the top floor from it's place by Ray and his girlfriend. He dies from the impact.

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