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"Acting like I'm the villain, when all I do is fight for this family. You don't like how it's going? You scared to take the risk? Too bad. We're on the ride now, and we can't get off till the roller coaster stops."
Loy Cannon to Buel Cannon.[src]

Loy Cannon (born 1896 - died 1951) was a main character in Fargo Season 4.[1]


Coming to Missouri

Loy, his family, and the Cannon crime syndicate, originally based out of New York City, arrived in Kansas City, Missouri in 1949. As was local tradition, they formed a pact with the previous leaders, the Fadda Family. Part of this pact involved a son from each family going to live with the other's family. Loy sent his son, Satchel, to live with the Faddas and took Zero Fadda into his home to live with his family.

Loy later met with Donatello and inquired about the health of his son. They arranged for each child to be allowed to see their birth family.

Wanting to expand his business, Loy met with a banker to try to get him to convince white businesses to accept their "credit card," as many local businesses already did. They presented their business plan, but the banker, Clayton Winckle, rejected them, saying his customers wouldn't agree to it.[2]

Loy went to the Fadda house shortly after the death of their patriarch, Donatello. Loy said they needed to sit down and hash things out because of the death, but Josto insisted that nothing had changed and things would remain as they were. Rabbi, who was caring for Satchel, brought him out to see his father while Zero was taken inside to see his family. He assured Loy that Satchel was well-cared for. Loy assured Satchel that he'd be coming home, but couldn't say when.

They were unable to find anyone to help spread their credit card, upsetting Loy. Loy said that with Donatello's death, there could be a power struggle with the Faddas, meaning it could be a good time for them to expand their business. They could claim Donatello agreed to give them the slaughterhouse in order to take it over. Loy sent a crew to the slaughterhouse, where they stormed the place, killing those who got in their way, and then sat down to wait for the Faddas to arrive. When Gaetano arrived, Doctor Senator agreed to sit down with Josto and talk about the slaughterhouse.[3]

Loy assigned Leon Bittle, who was looking for more responsibility, to be his son, Lemuel's, driver, to keep him out of trouble. He knew that Lemuel was trying to leave the family business. After Leon and Lemuel were shot at by the Faddas, Lemuel said they weren't firing at him. They were firing at Loy and he was merely a proxy for their anger. Loy insisted that he and his son were one and the same. At the same time of the shooting, Swanee and Zelmare enter the Cannon base and stole $20,000 as well as killing three of their members, so Loy ordered additional security. Doctor told Loy he was thinking their was internal conflict at the Faddas and they might be able to use that to their advantage.[4]

In retaliation, Loy sent his men to intercept a shipment of weapons heading for the Faddas. Inside were 300 guns. He then ordered 200 sold to Mort Kellerman in exchange for his loyalty. He then went with his men to confront Rabbi, asking if the shooting was a warning or if he screwed up. Rabbi refused to answer, except to say that he was protecting Loy's son. Loy promised that if anything happened to either of his son's, he'd feed Rabbi to some pigs, which Rabbi said was fair.

Later, Thurman came to Loy's house to pay off his debt. Loy accepted the money and let Thurman leave, but when he smelled the money after Thurman's departure, he realized it was the money that had been stolen from him.[5]

As a result of Thurman's action, Loy ordered his men to take over the Smutny's funeral home business. They would be allowed to live if they gave up Zelmare and Swanee. If they didn't, he ordered them killed. As he was giving orders, Odis led a group of police in and tried to take money from Loy. Loy taunted him with his past as a minesweeper for the military. Despite this, several of his men were arrested. Loy argued with his wife over how their son should be bailed out of jail. He eventually won out and had him released along with the others.

Loy later met with the Smutnys, explaining that he does whatever it takes to win. He tells them he's taking over their business and demanding that they turn over her sister or be killed. They gave up her sister and he took his men to the hotel where she and Swanee were staying. They picked up both women, saying they would be soldiers for the Cannons. They left with Zelmare and Swanee just before Wickware arrived to arrest them.

After learning that Doctor had been killed, Loy and his men went to pay their respects before leaving when they heard sirens in the distance.[6]

In retaliation for Doctor's death, Loy had Omie attack and nearly kill Odis, only releasing him when he was near death. He then made it clear that he owned Odis. He also had Zelmare and Swanee capture Gaetano. While he was being held, he sent Odis to retrieve Satchel through whatever means necessary.[7]

With Gaetano chained up, Loy and his men debated on what to do with him. Loy set up a meeting with Josto and Ebal to talk about it. Ebal offered the slaughterhouse and trucking routes to Cleveland and Dallas in exchange for Gaetano's release, with the promise that Gaetano would be imediately put on a plane back to Italy. Josto then stepped in and suggested instead that Loy kill Gaetano. His reasoning for this was that Calamita, under Gaetano's order, killed Satchel. A death for a death would mean they kill Zero, but Josto offered Gaetano to take his place. Loy asked for proof, to see Satchel's body, but Josto lied and said Calamita took it. Loy went home and considered killing Zero, but ultimately decided not to. He told his wife that Satchel was dead.

The next day, Loy sent Zelmare and Swanee to Philly and told them never to come back. Then he ordered Gaetano released, and accepted all that the Faddas had offered for him. He then sent Omie to kill Calamita.[8]

Loy had planned for Gaetano to kill Josto and was upset when he didn't. In retaliation, Loy told Opal that the next step was "Fargo." Loy was then visited by Wickware, who convinced Loy to tell him where Zelmare and Swanee were. Later, the men Loy sent from Fargo went to the Fadda house and killed Josto and Gaetano's mother.[9]

Needing assistance, Loy met with Lionel "Happy" Halloway and they set terms for an alliance to help the Cannon Limited win the active war. Buel, whose mother was close with Happy's mother, helped seal this deal, saying she just wanted justice for her son. Loy was unaware that Happy went behind his back and allied himself with Leon to make a new deal with the Faddas to betrayed Loy and the Cannon Limited. Loy felt defeated when he learned that this meeting had taken place.

Loy then reluctantly met with Ethelrida, who wanted to make a deal to get her family's business back in exchange for helped Loy win the war. Loy was unconvinced until Ethelrida told him about Oraetta and revealed that she had Donatello Fadda's ring and the knowledge that Oraetta had killed him.[10]

Deal made, Loy's operations were removed from the Smutny house. He then took the ring and showed it to Ebal. He said they could end the war if Ebal could get his house together. Ebal said he'd get back to Loy and left. Leon attempted to kill Loy, but Opal stopped him and strangled him. Loy then sent his men to kill Happy in retaliation.

Loy and his family came home soon after to see the door of their house ajar. Loy went in alone and found evidence that someone had been in the house. However, he quickly discovered that it was Satchel and the whole family celebrated his return. Loy then went to meet again with Ebal, who by that point had had Josto killed and had assumed control of the Fadda Family. He presented Loy with a new deal which involved new born Kansas City Mafia taking over majority control of Kansas City. Loy tried to object, but Ebal made it clear he would enforce the boundaries as he saw fit and had national help, other Italian Crime Families on the country who were ready to help each other, to call on to do so. Loy then went home and watched his family through the front door. While he was standing on his porch, Zelmare came up behind him and stabbed him, saying it was revenge for Swanee. Satchel came to the door and after Zelmare fled, he sat with his father as he died.[11]

Behind the Scenes


"Chris Rock portrays the head of the Cannon crime syndicate, "Loy Cannon," a self-made sophisticate born into an age of brutality. In a perfect world, Loy would be the CEO of a fortune 500 company. But his world isn’t perfect, so Loy used his prodigious intellect to create The Cannon Limited – an empire of a different kind; running numbers, prostitution and protection out of Kansas City."
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  • He was arrested on October 5, 1944 for racketeering.[12]
  • He is 5'10" tall.[13]


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