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Lorne Malvo's clients are various people who have either called to Lorne Malvo for help, or Lorne chooses to help voluntarily. He is frequently given clients by Mr. Rundle.


Notable clients[]

Other clients[]

The other clients are shown on the names of tapes in Lorne's briefcase. Many names are a reference to either a member of the team that helped make Fargo, or to a character in another Coen Brothers film.

  • Tim Milligan - Dolly grip operator in the unaired pilot
  • Dave Trainor - Special effects makeup artist
  • Everett McGill - Main character in O Brother, Where Art Thou?
  • Tom Yaremko - Key greens in art department
  • Tony Skaper
  • Clayton Budd - Lamp operator
  • Paul Healy - Series set decorator
  • Robert Arndt
  • Bruce Toy
  • Jason Paradis - Special effects coordinator
  • Albert Seibert - Special effects first assistant
  • Carson Wells - Character in No Country For Old Men
  • Chris Macrae - Special effects technician
  • Phil Chipera - First assistant director
  • Greg Auch - Assistant property master
  • Ken Wills - Property master
  • Chad Oakes - Producer


  • Lorne keeps a box of casset tapes with him, each with a name of one of his clients.