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Season 2, Episode 8
Episode Information
Air Date:

November 30, 2015

Written by:

Bob DeLaurentis

Directed by:

Keith Gordon

Episode Chronology
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Did You Do This? No, You Did It!

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The Castle


Loplop is the eighth episode of Season 2 of Fargo, as well as the eighteenth episode overall. It premiered on November 30, 2015.


Hanzee searches for Peggy and Ed. Dodd ends up in unfamiliar territory.


The events of this episode take place at the same time as the events of the preceding episode, "Did You Do This? No, You Did It!".

As Peggy Blumquist sits on her basement stairs, looking at the unconscious and tied up Dodd Gerhardt, she suddenly sees a suited British man in his place. He asks her if she has "actualized fully" and has a philosophical conversation with her about whether she is "thinking or being." When Ed arrives after running from Lou Solverson to get Peggy and leave, a now awake Dodd tells him his wife is crazy, revealing she was talking to Dodd the entire time. When Dodd insults the couple, Ed punches him unconscious and takes Dodd's car with him tied up in the trunk.

Lou and Hank Larsson arrive just as the Blumquists drive off. Hank, dizzy from his head wound, is taken to the hospital as Lou puts out an APB on the couple. After they leave, Hanzee Dent searches the house, finding Dodd's jacket and a note from Constance Heck about the Lifespring seminar in Sioux Falls, South Dakota.

As Ed thinks out loud about anything he missed, Peggy cheerfully talks about the realizations brought upon her by her "discussion" and declares the couple actualized. They drive to Ed's uncle's cabin in South Dakota to lay low for a while. Dodd tries to escape when they open the trunk, but Peggy electrocutes him with his own cattle prod again and Ed ties him to a support beam in the middle of the cabin. Ed drives out to a store, calling the Gerhardts from a payphone to bargain Dodd's life for the Blumquists' survival. He is quickly ignored. When Dodd continues to berate Peggy with threats and insults, she stabs him twice in the chest. As she force feeds him beans, she expresses regret for putting Ed through her ordeal, hoping everything can go back to normal.

Hanzee stops in a bar at Sioux Falls. Outside, he notices a memorial to twenty-two Sioux men hung there, with a pile of vomit below it. When the bartender displays aggression towards him, Hanzee tells him he served three tours in Vietnam and leaves. As patrons follow him out, taunting him, he shoots them in the kneecaps, goes back in and kills the bartender, as well as shooting the police that show up, killing one and wounding the other. As Constance sets up her hotel room with a romantic atmosphere, once again hoping to seduce Peggy, Hanzee tracks her down. When Ed again tries to call the Gerhardts, no one picks up. Peggy calls Constance to check in, and Constance tries to get information about Peggy's whereabouts, only getting that she is in a cabin southwest of Vermillion. No longer needing her, Hanzee strangles her to death.

As Ed leaves the next morning to try the Gerhardts again, Peggy stays in and watches Operation: Eagle's Nest, a film starring Ronald Reagan. In the film, a Nazi commander tracks a young couple, the man wounded and taking shelter in a basement. The commander tries to smoke them out and the man prepares to sacrifice his life for the woman, but both are saved by Reagan's character. As they flee, the commander stands up and limps after them. While Peggy watches the movie, Dodd escapes. Ed again fails to get through to the Gerhardts, and instead calls Mike Milligan at the Pearl Hotel after seeing a newspaper article about his whereabouts. They deal for his and Peggy's protection for Dodd, and agree to meet the following morning at a motel in Sioux Falls. Milligan, believing him to be a hitman, compliments his style and hangs up. Hanzee arrives at the store just as Ed leaves and intimidates the owner into giving him Ed's location. After he leaves, the owner notices Hanzee's picture in the paper, wanted for the bar shooting, and calls the police.

Dodd seizes Ed as he enters the cabin and attempts to hang him from the rafters, lecturing him on the evils of women as Ed starts to strangle. Peggy pins Dodd to the floor by stabbing him in the foot while she cuts the rope. Hanzee tracks down the cabin and bursts in just as they start to tie Dodd up again, but tells them to move aside instead of killing them. When Dodd insults and mocks Hanzee while ordering him to shoot the Blumquists, Hanzee shoots him in the head. He asks Peggy to give him a haircut, and as she does, he notes that he is "tired of this life." The three notice Lou and Hank outside, and they and Hanzee trade gunfire. Peggy stabs him in the shoulder with her scissors and Hanzee, out of bullets, runs out the back as the police burst into the cabin.


Main cast

Recurring cast


  • Brad Mann as Gale Kitchen
  • Mackenzie Gray as Albert
  • Bob Bainborough as Maynard Oltorf
  • Markus Parillo as The Undertaker (corpse)
  • Dan Jeannotte as Jack Hawk (Reagan)
  • Mark Cowling as Mueller
  • Brendan Taylor as Pierre
  • Sarah Lind as Marie
  • Garry Chalk as Bartender
  • Jesse J. Pierce as Shitkicker #1
  • Aaron Zeffer as Shitkicker #2
  • Ross Clendening as Shitkicker #3
  • Doug Chapman as State Cop #1



  • The episode's title is a reference to a fictional character of the same name created by surrealist artist Max Ernst, which was featured frequently in his paintings.
  • When Hanzee asks the owner of the convenience store where Ed is, the owner says that Ed told him "We're going crazy down there at the lake." This is a reference to the original film when a police officer is stopped by a bartender shoveling his driveway in order to tell him that a "little guy" told him that he was "going crazy down there at the lake."
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