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Lionel "Happy" Halloway was a character in Fargo Season 4.


Happy came to Kansas City to meet with Loy in the hopes of starting a mutually beneficial business arrangement. Happy knew that Loy had beaten his cousin, Leon, which Loy apologized for at the very start of their meeting. Happy reminded Loy he was meant to be showing Leon the ropes and should have called him instead of beating him when he screwed up. Buel then spoke up, reminding him that their mothers were like sisters and they needed his help. Loy said he just needed some muscle to convince the Faddas he was there to stay. Happyli consulted with two photographs he'd brought with him and agreed to give them two weeks of help. On the condition he made things right with Leon.

Instead of supporting Loy like he promised, Happy went with Leon to meet with Josto, supporting him as he planned to take Loy's place. Happy helped Leon make a deal with Josto for all Loy's territory. Ebal and Josto made it clear to him that in order to take over for Loy, he'd have to kill Loy, which Leon said was no problem. Opal was spying for Loy, though, and told Loy about this meeting.[1]

After Leon attempted to kill Loy, Opal killed Leon and then Banjo Rightway and other men sent by Loy killed Happy.[2]

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  • He was arrested on October 5, 1943 for Cattle Rustling.
  • He's 6'0".


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