Lenny Potts
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The Lucky Penny


Bemidji, Minnesota


January 22, 2006




Dropped into an ice hole by Grady Numbers and Wes Wrench

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The Rooster Prince

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The Rooster Prince


Paul Braunstein

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Lenny Potts is a minor character in Fargo Season 1. He is an alcoholic who is mistaken for Lorne Malvo.



Over the course of several years, Potts was known to drink heavily and frequent The Lucky Penny. There he would drink and rant about how people like Sam Hess think they're tough because they have "money in the pocket" among other things.

He is shown to enjoy playing with knives, and at some point suffers an injury to the head for which he wears a bandage over it. (The Rooster Prince)

Mistaken identity

When Grady Numbers and Wes Wrench enter the strip club looking for Lorne Malvo, the owner points the two men to Potts, believing he matches the description of the man they are looking for. Potts is found at the bar drunkenly ranting about dogs in space when Numbers asks him how he injured his head. He does not answer the question, and instead taunts the two men and threatens them with a knife.

They subdue him and tie him up, then proceed to put into the back of their car, and drive him to Hess & Sons Transport where Max Gold informs them that they have the wrong guy. Potts tries to apologize for earlier, but it is too late. Numbers and Wrench later dispose of Potts by drilling a hole in the middle of a frozen lake and dropping him in. (The Rooster Prince)

Potts is later mentioned as being "missing" in the Bemidji Police Department database. (Who Shaves the Barber?)

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