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Lemuel Cannon is a character in Fargo Season 4.


Lemuel, son of Loy, came to town with Loy Cannon and the Cannon Limited. They immediately faced off with Donatello Fadda and the Fadda Family. They called a truce by each of them slitting their palm and shaking hands. They later exchanged sons, Satchel Cannon for Zero Fadda.[1]

Lemuel was given Leon as a driver. While they were out, Calamita and Rabbi pulled up next to them and Rabbi pulled out a gun. He hesitated, giving Leon the time he needed to notice the gun and drive away, but not before Calamita fired, though Rabbi stopped him from firing directly on them. Later, Lemuel was angry with his father, saying they weren't shooting at him, but at Loy and he was merely a proxy. Loy told him that as his son, they were one and the same.[2]

Lemuel was at a jazz club when the police came in. Leon tried to get him out, but the police surrounded them and arrested the two of them as well as other members of Loy's crew. While they all waited in jail for Loy to come bail them out, Josto visited them and told them to go tell Loy to give up because he'd always be superior.[3]

Lemuel came into Ethelrida's house after his father took over her family's business. The two of them briefly flirted until Ethelrida's mother came in and told Lemuel his mother was waiting for him.[4]

Lemuel continued to flirt with Ethelrida as he helped set up his father's business affairs in their home. When supplies came in, he spent the night in their living room with a shotgun on his chest. He also stood up for Ethelrida when Oraetta came to confront her about the missing ring. Later, when Oraetta was arrested, he stood on the Smutnys' porch with the family and watched.[5]

Lemuel was impressed when Loy ordered his men to remove his merchandise from the Smutny house and turn control of their business back to them. He was surprised Ethelrida was able to make it happen.

Later, when his brother Satchel returned home unexpectedly, as he was believed to be dead, Lemuel celebrated with his family, playing his trumpet while his brother read and his sisters played. However, while this was happening, his father came home and was stabbed on their front porch by Zelmare Roulette.[6]

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Season 4


  • He played trumpet.[7]


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