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"Look at me. I was Miss Hubbard County, for Pete's sake! You don't cheat on Miss Hubbard County!"
―Kitty Nygaard

Kathrine "Kitty" Nygaard is the wife of Chazz Nygaard and mother of Gordo Nygaard.

Early Life

Kitty is from a town in Hubbard County, Minnesota. As a teenager, she participated in beauty pageants and was once crowned Miss Hubbard County. (The Heap)

She later married Chazz Nygaard.

Season 1

"The Crocodile's Dilemma"

Kitty is first seen answering the door for Lester and Pearl when they visit for the family dinner. She tells them about how her husband Chazz recently got a raise at his job.

"The Rooster Prince"

Kitty shows Lester to Gordo's room, as he will stay there for a few days. She says Gordo will be sleeping on the couch, which she says he will probably turn it into a fort and enjoy it.

Episode Appearances

Season 1


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