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Josto Fadda is a character in Fargo Season 4. He is the scion of the Fadda crime family, the eldest son and heir apparent of Don Donatello Fadda and older brother of Gaetano Fadda.


In 1934, Josto was sent to live with the Milligans as part of a pact between the Milligans and Josto's family, the Faddas. Josto returned to the Faddas after they killed the Milligans and took over their territory.

Years later, in 1949, the Faddas made the same kind of pact, including swapping sons, with the Cannons. Josto wanted to move on the Cannons, but his father, Donatello, decided against it. Shortly after this conversation, Donatello was shot in the neck by a child with a cap gun, causing him to bleed profusely. Josto rushed him to the hospital, where they refused to treat him because he was Italian. Josto threatened David Harvard, the doctor who refused them, and then they took Donatello to the public hospital, St. Bartholomew's. At St. Bart's, they removed the pellet and sewed him up. He'd lost a lot of blood, which meant he could still die. Josto ordered two of their meant to guard Donatello all night. Then he asked Oraetta Mayflower for drugs. She agreed once he offered to share with her. They did the drugs together and Josto confessed that it was hard to see his father in pain and asked Oraetta to take care of him. Unbeknownst to him, Oraetta took this as a request for her to kill Donatello and euthanized him that night.[1]

Angry at his father's death, Josto sent his guys to kill Dr. Harvard, blaming him. However, they failed to kill Harvard, so Josto said they had to try again. Josto's brother, Gaetano, came to Missouri for the service, causing friction between the two of them and upsetting their mother.

As agreed between Loy and Donatello, Loy brought Zero Fadda to see his family and they allowed Satchel Cannon to see his father. Loy also tried to get Josto to agree to sit down with him and talk about the changes caused by Donatello's death, but Josto said nothing had changed.

Josto's fiancée and her father came to visit and her father reminded Josto of their deal, which he worried Josto wasn't going to honor. Josto said he would ensure Milton's political success and also impregnate his daughter.

While investigating the shooting, Odis Weff came to Josto and said that he could frame someone for the shooting to cover for Josto, but Josto in turn would have to delay Harvard's execution for a year. Josto agreed when Ebal informed him that would make sure he wasn't expecting it.

When Loy's crew took over the slaughterhouse, Gaetano said he'd talk to Josto and see about their claim that Donatello agreed to let them have it.[2]

Josto quickly chafed over Gaetano's attempts to take over as the leader of the Fadda family. He told Gaetano he could either follow orders or go home. Later, Josto went to the hospital and watched Dr. Harvard through his window. However, he attracted the attention of Oraetta, who was leaving the hospital after interviewing for a job. Oraetta climbed in his car, flirted with him, gave him a hand job, and then left. Later, Gaetano betrayed Josto by giving an order to target Loy's son, Lemuel.[3]

Josto continued his affair with Oraetta, letting her choke him as they had sex. In exchange, she continued to supply his drugs. Soon after, he learned about Gaetano's betrayal from Rabbi and sent Rabbi to be his spy.[4]

Josto told Rabbi he believed that Gaetano would go home and the whole thing would be over, but Rabbi knew that wasn't true. Josto had Odis arrest several of Loy's men and visited them in jail, telling them to tell Loy to surrender, as he would always be superior.[5]

Josto learned that New York was willing to help them on two conditions. The first was that they fix the conflict with the Cannons and the second was that he make things right with his brother. While he was learning about this, he heard news that his brother had been taken hostage by the Cannons. Despite New York's wanting them to patch things up, Josto quickly gave his bother up for lost and refused any attempt to try to get him back. He then ordered Antoon to take Satchel out for a drive and come back alone. He also sent for Rabbi. During their conversation, he told Rabbi that Satchel was done, so Rabbi ignored his orders and went to rescue Satchel by killing Antoon before he could kill Satchel.[6]

When Josto learned that Antoon was dead, he ordered Calamita to kill Rabbi, Satchel, and anyone else he needed to. He and Ebal then went to meet with Loy. At the meeting, Ebal laid out the things they were willing to offer for Gaetano's return. However Josto interjected and said they should just kill Gaetano. He lied and told Loy that Satchel was dead, killed by Gaetano's order, and instead of killing Zero, they should kill Gaetano. Loy asked for proof, but Josto said Calamita had taken the body with him. Loy ordered them both out.[7]

Josto met with his fiancée and her father. He said he wanted to get married on Election Day, though her father was thinking more of a June wedding, wanting to make sure Josto held up his end of the deal before he let Josto marry his daughter.

Despite his engagement, he continued to hook up with Oraetta, whom he claimed to love. He told Oraetta that his engagement was just business and wouldn't interfere with them. He also told her about being molested by Yiddles Milligan when he lived with the family.

Josto went to the club and saw Gaetano there. Gaetano initially attacked and punched him, but when he awoke, they made up, with Gaetano saying he knew that Loy intended for him to kill Josto. The two brothers celebrated their reunion later outside their mother's house, but were interrupted by men Loy had sent with guns, who fired on them. Gaetano fired back while Josto hid, scaring off the surviving men. However, they soon realized that one of the men had fired inside the house and killed their mother.[8]

Josto and several of his men were arrested by Odis. After Josto was freed, he called to threaten Odis, but Odis was unbothered and simply went about his day, being escorted to and from work by other officers. Josto put out an order for him to be killed and then met with Leon and Happy, who were looking to make an alliance with him and eliminated the Cannon Limited.

Josto and Gaetano went themselves to take care of Odis. When he was finally alone, Gaetano went up to him and killed him. On his way back to Josto, he tripped and accidentally shot himself up into his head, killing himself. Josto was horrified by the sight and fled in the car.[9]

Josto drank and smoke as he grieved his brother. Then he kidnapped and killed both David Harvard and Milvin Gillis, then burned their bodies. Later, as he slept at his desk, Josto was awakened and told Loy had been killed and the war was over. Josto left the room to find all members of the Fadda family waiting for him, along with Oraetta. He questioned why they weren't celebrating and learned that he was actually called out to face accusations that he'd killed his brother and conspired with Oraetta to have his father killed, the latter of which Oraetta backed up. Josto tried to defend himself and claim Oraetta set him up, but they were both found guilty and taken away to be killed by Joe Bulo. Joe drove them out to a hole, where he shot both of them.[10]

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Not sure who listed his age originally, maybe they have some inside information? Anyway, the IMDB lists the actor young Josto in the flashback as “Josto Fadda (15 yrs/17 yrs)”. The first flashback was specified as 1934, which would make him only 31 in 1950. The actor who played him as an adult was 40, same with Rabbi, which is confusing if it was intentional.

Going off of the information he provided above, I made a post about the ages. Please view it here, it should be the most accurate.