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Seymour's death.

Joey Seymour is minor character in Season 2. He was a lieutenant of the Gerhardt Crime Syndicate.


Joey Seymour became an associate of the Gerhardt Crime Syndicate at some point. He eventually became an important lieutenant, and personally ran their business in half of South Dakota.

Season 2

Upon hearing that Gerhardt patriarch Otto Gerhardt had suffered a stroke, Joey sent the family a get well card. When he learned that the Kansas City Mafia was trying to buy out the organization, he talked with fellow lieutenants Roost Bolton and Mickey Grout.

"The Myth of Sisyphus"

Joey travels to the Gerhardt ranch in Fargo, North Dakota to meet with the Floyd, Dodd, Bear, and the now paralyzed Otto Gerhardt, as well as Bolton and Grout, to discuss the Kansas City situation. Joey says that he doesn't advocate going to war, but that old promises will be kept if it comes to that.

"Did You Do This? No, You Did It!"

During the war with Kansas City, Joey goes to a restaurant with an associate. He is tracked down by Gale Kitchen, who sneaks up behind him and slips a garrote around his neck. Joey briefly struggles, but he is overpowered and quickly strangled to death.

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Season 2

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