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The Six Ungraspables

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The Six Ungraspables


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Jeremy Hoffstead is a minor character in Fargo Season 1. He is a man featured in a parable told by Ari Ziskind.


Jeremy's story is told entirely in a parable/flashback as told by Ari to Gus Grimly.

He opens the paper one day to see that the world is full of misery. He decides to donate his entire fortune to a children's charity, but he does not think it is enough. Now homeless, he reads another newspaper article about a lack of organ donors for transplants. He then decides to donate a kidney, in which the surgery is a success. Even then, he does not feel like he has accomplished anything. Jeremy goes back to the same doctor and tells him he wants to "give it all" which confuses him. He wants to donate all of his internal organs including his liver, hearts, etc. The doctor says it cannot be done, saying it is suicide. Believing to have failed his mission to end world suffering, Jeremy goes home and commits suicide by slitting his throat in the bathtub.

His body is later found and buried. His grave reads "Here lies Jeremy Hoffstead, who gave everything". (The Six Ungraspables)

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Season 1


  • According to Ari Ziskind, the moral of Jeremy's story is that only a fool thinks he can solve the world's problems.
  • Jeremy does not have any actual speaking lines during his appearance, as his words are narrated by the Ari.