Jemma Stalone is a recurring character in Fargo Season 1. She is the fiancée to an unsuspected alter ego of hitman Lorne Malvo.


Early life

At some point in late 2006, Jemma met a dentist named Mick Michaelson. She remains unaware that he is merely using an alias to track down Burt Canton's brother for a bounty. In 2007, the two become engaged. (A Fox, A Rabbit, and A Cabbage)

Trip to Vegas

During a dinner party at Mick's house, Jemma brings Mick a drink as he plays music on the record player. The two of them flirt before going downstairs to greet Burt and his wife as they arrive.

Mick and Burt make plans to go to Las Vegas, Nevada to visit Burt's brother in secret. She is invited to tag along. At a bar in Vegas, Jemma sits at the table with his party while Mick tells a story about a Novocaine shot going wrong, which has the whole table laughing. Their discussion is interrupted when Lester Nygaard approaches the table to try to talk to Mick, unaware of their affiliation. Mick pulls everyone away from the table to distract everyone.

The party gets on an elevator, but Lester follows them on. Lester insists that Mick acknowledges him, much to everyone's confusion. Jemma is helpless as Lorne Malvo takes out a pistol and shoot Burt and Louise in the head. She lets out a terrified scream as she is shot herself. (A Fox, A Rabbit, and A Cabbage)

Episode appearances

Season 1


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