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Ida Thurman is a recurring character in Season 1. She is the wife of Vern Thurman.

Early Life

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Season 1

"The Crocodile's Dilemma"

Ida is first seen when her husband, Vern Thurman, comes home form work. They sit down to eat dinner that she prepared, and they discuss the car wreck case Vern had been investigating earlier that day. She brings up the question of what color to paint the nusery, still not being able to decide on a color. Vern tells her it's up to her as long as she decides, she tells Vern he is a good man and that her sister was crazy for telling her not to marry him. Vern jokingly replies that her sister is crazy. Later one day, Ida calls Vern who is in his office and tells him she has decided to paint the walls white. Vern tells her the room is already white, but she wants a new shade of white. Before Vern can bring home the new paint, he is fatally shot by Lorne Malvo. Molly Solverson brings the paint cans back to the Thurman residence, where Ida stands in the doorway and learns what happened.

"The Rooster Prince"

Ida is seen at her house holding a service for Vern. She walks into the kitchen to see Molly washing dishes from the meal and tells her about the time when Vern was a rookie cop and had a boss who was extremely incompetent. His boss was struck on the head by a hail storm and killed. Bill Oswalt comes into the kitchen, having assigned everyone to jobs in order to help Ida through the rest of her pregnancy. When Molly and Bill discuss talking to Lester Nygaard about the case, Ida convinces Bill to go along with it.

Episode Appearances

Season 1


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