Helena Milos is a minor character in Fargo Season 1. She is the soon-to-be-ex-wife of Stavros Milos and mother to Dmitri Milos.


Early life

In 1987, Helena as well as her husband and son are forced to relocate to Minnesota. The car breaks down and Helena berates Dmitri for their current situation, which causes Stavros to exit the car and eventually stumble upon Carl Showalter case of money. (A Muddy Road)

Divorce settlement

Helena is first seen working out with her instructor Don Chumph while talking to Lorne Malvo, who is posing as Frank Peterson, a man working for her divorce attorney. "Peterson" asks her about her husband's assets in order to get her the biggest divorce settlement possible. While taking a break, she is asked to confirm that Stavros inherited his fortune from his uncle, which she admits is merely a story. She later tries to convince Dmitri that Stavros is screwing them over, but he insits that everything will be alright. (The Rooster Prince)

Episode appearances

Season 1


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