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Season 4, Episode 10
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Air Date:

November 22, 2020

Written by:

Noah Hawley

Directed by:

Sylvain White

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Storia Americana


Happy is the tenth episode of Season 4, and the fortieth episode overall. It will air on November 22, 2020.


Loy forms an uneasy alliance, Odis finds peace, Josto settles the score, Ethelrida takes a risk, and Oraetta gets spooked.


The war between the Cannon Limited and the Fadda Family increases in magnitude, the Cannons suffering thrice the losses of the Faddas. Thurman and Dibrell Smutny are given an increased workload because of all the bodies. As Ethelrida Smutny sits on her porch, Oraetta Mayflower stares at her from across the street, making her uneasy to the point of going inside. Odis Weff has a dinner full of Faddas, including Josto, arrested.

Loy Cannon meets with Lionel "Happy" Halloway to discuss his backing force, despite telling his wife that Halloway likely wants to take over. He apologizes for beating Leon Bittle, and Halloway agrees that Loy should have let him take care of it. Though Halloway is uncooperative, Buel reminds him that their mothers are like sisters, which makes them and, by extent, Loy, family. Only when she reminds Halloway that the Faddas killed Satchel does he agree to help for two weeks, only on the condition that Loy make things right with Bittle. After he leaves, Loy remarks that killing Josto and Gaetano won't be enough to end the war, but Buel just wants justice for Satchel.

Weff is lauded at the station for his arrest of the Faddas. Josto calls him, saying he is marked for death and that even if he cannot kill Weff, he has dirt on him, but Weff hangs up. The brothers meet with Ebal Violante, Josto wanting to take Weff down somehow, but Violante says New York wants the war wrapped up. Gaetano agrees, saying it is bad for business. Josto voices his plan: let a new black mobster take power and kill Loy for him, someone they can dominate and deal with. He leaves, ordering Weff killed. Satchel takes a bottle of milk from someone's porch and drinks it as he continues to walk home with his dog. Ethelrida looks through obituaries in the library related to unexplained circumstances.

She sits with her mother and asks if her aunt is alright, and if what Roulette said about the family curse is true. Dibrell tells her that her great-great-grandfather was a Mississippian slave that murdered Theodore Roach, the captain of a slave ship, during a storm. From then on, Roach, or the "Snowman" has haunted the family. Roulette tried to take the ghost with her, but according to Dibrell, he likes Ethelrida because she is pure. Lemuel Cannon comes out of the house, having unloaded the Cannon's equipment and is staying there for a few days to guard the property. As Dibrell goes inside, Ethelrida tells Lemuel she needs to talk to his father, as she has figured out how to get her house back. Mayflower approaches them, wanting Donatello Fadda's ring back. When she threatens to go to the police, Ethelrida reminds of her of the other things she saw in her closet that could incriminate her. Enraged, Mayflower tells Ethelrida there is "a word for people like you," but Ethelrida affirms that that is Mayflower's word, invented to make herself feel bigger. Mayflower leaves, telling Ethelrida that she'll "see you in your dreams."

Josto meets with Bittle and Halloway. Bittle is more than happy to kill Loy and take over, and the three start dealing until Milvin Gillis bursts into the room, demanding to talk to Josto. Gillis tells him the wedding is off because of the Faddas' negative exposure, and Josto berates him for his stupidity, explaining that he would have done anything to not have another problem. Annoyed with his antics, a nearby Gaetano punches Gillis in the face, causing him to flee. Opal Rackley tells Loy that Bittle and Halloway met with Josto. Loy reminisces about Satchel's birth, in which was wife had him during a blizzard and barely made a sound. He muses that he is not half as tough as her on his best day. Satchel is approached by a car on the road and the occupants degradingly call for him. Satchel pulls Rabbi Milligan's gun on them and orders them to leave him, and they do.

As Weff is driven home in a cop car, he thinks about his interactions with Loy and Josto, and killing Dick Wickware. Joe Bulo searches Weff's house, only to find that he is not home. Josto and Gaetano stakes out his house, while Gaetano tells Josto why their father sent him away to Italy. Gaetano had a crush on a girl when he was eleven years old, and the two ended up having sex on the fire escape outside her house until her father caught them and tried to strangle Gaetano, who stabbed his eye out in self-defense. As Weff comes home and opens the door, Gaetano talks about his guardian being killed during Italy's fascist takeover, and how he spent three weeks living in the woods and eating bark to survive. They both laugh at the memory, and Josto hugs his brother. Weff finds his apartment ransacked, the portrait of his fiancee desecrated, and his china dolls smashed. Believing he sees the brothers' shadows coming down the hall towards him, he flees outside to his car, where Gaetano gets out of his own car and advances towards him. Paralyzed by his OCD and unable to flee, Weff retreats to a memory of his fiancee singing to him and allows Gaetano to shoot him, dying with a peaceful look on his face. As he walks back to Josto, he trips and lands with his chin under his gun, discharging it and shooting himself in the head. In shock, Josto approaches him, coming to himself when the top of Gaetano's head falls off, and he flees in horror.

Mayflower enters the Smutny household, creeping past an armed and asleep Lemuel, holding a syringe to inject Ethelrida with. The Snowman appears behind her, causing her to drop the syringe and frightening her away. The police are waiting for her at her apartment, David Harvard having identified her as his poisoner. The Smutnys and Lemuel watch as she is put in a car and driven away. Having been vouched for by Lemuel, Ethelrida is allowed to meet with Loy. She tells him she can help him end the war if the Smutnys' debts are repaid, which he agrees to. She shows him Donatello's ring and his obituary, explaining Mayflower's habit of killing her patients. Loy looks at the ring and the article, then at Ethelrida, and two grin at each other.


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