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Hamish Broker is a recurring character in Season 2. He is mid-level manager in the Kansas City Mafia.


Broker worked his way up through the ranks of the Kansas City Mafia, eventually becoming a mid-level executive. At some point, he was resistant to the idea of hiring Mike Milligan, a black man, as an enforcer. A colleague named Braverman said Milligan wasn't "like the other darkies," causing him to change his mind and give him a chance, hiring him to work under Joe Bulo.

Season 2

"Waiting for Dutch"

Broker's underling, Joe Bulo, gives a presentation on a prospective northern expansion into territory controlled by the Fargo, North Dakota-based Gerhardt family. He approves the plan.

"The Gift of the Magi"

Broker is informed by Mike Milligan that Bulo has been killed by the Gerhardts. Broker allows him to continue as head of the operation under the assurance that Milligan has the situation under control.

"Did You Do This? No, You Did It!"

Broker is enraged when the Gerhardts travel all the way to Kansas City and murder his associate Mr. Washington and two junior executives. He demands that Milligan break the Gerhardts in two days, or else he will send the Undertaker to kill him.

Two days later, Broker fulfills his promise and dispatches the Undertaker to Fargo. However, Milligan manages to turn the tables and kills the assassin. He later informs Broker that he was killed by the Gerhardts.


Broker meets with Milligan at the Kansas City headquarters, pleased that the Gerhardts have been liquidated. He informs Milligan that he has been promoted to an office job, brings him up to speed on his new duties, and gives him some advice. Broker also invites him to play a round of golf at some point.

Episode Appearances

Season 2