Grady's corpse.

Grady Numbers, also known as Mr. Numbers, was a hitman who worked for the Fargo Crime Syndicate. He frequently worked with his deaf partner and friend Wes Wrench. In early 2006, he and Wrench were sent to kill Lorne Malvo, due to his involvement in the death of Sam Hess. However, Numbers had his throat slit by Malvo after a gunfight in Bemidji.

Early Life

Grady Numbers grew up close personal friends with Wes Wrench in the American Midwest. He did not have a hearing impairment but knew sign language to communicate with his deaf friend. When playing ball with Wrench, they were attacked by two older boys, but the fight was interrupted by Hanzee Dent. (Palindrome)

Season 1

"The Rooster Prince"

Numbers is first seen with his associate Wes Wrench driving down the freeway to Hess & Sons Transport. There, they meet with Max Gold. Numbers tells Max they are from Fargo, North Dakota, and have come over to find out what happened to Sam Hess. They are told he was murdered, and Max gives them a description of the man that came into the shop the same day. He asks if they will find him, Numbers assures they will. He, along with Wrench, visit The Lucky Penny, the place where Sam was murdered. They speak with the owner of the club, as well as Paprika, the girl Sam was with right before he died. Numbers gives them the description he was given by Max, and Paprika says it could be Lenny, another man who frequently visits the club and fits the description. They find Lenny drinking at the bar and talk to him. Lenny threatens to stab them, and Wrench knocks him out and he is put in the trunk of their car. They return to the Hess & Sons with Lenny, only for Max to tell him that he doesn't think it's him. Numbers is later seen with Wrench dragging Lenny out onto the frozen lake and dropping Lenny into an ice hole.

Episode appearances

Season 1

Season 2

Killed Victims

This is a list of victims Mr. Numbers has killed:

  • Unamed man (Deleted scene)
  • Gas station owner (Deleted scene)
  • Lenny Potts
  • Potentially numerous other hits


  • Grady has a tattoo that says "Boundaries" on his collarbone, as seen in Eating the Blame.
  • Grady's first name is revealed in the credits of Palindrome.

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