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Gordo Nygaard is a minor character in Fargo Season 1. He is the son of Chaz Nygaard and Kitty Nygaard. Chaz believes he has autism.


Gordo is first seen answering the door for Lester and Pearl as they show up for the family dinner. Upon seeing them, he closes the door and walks away, leaving the two of them puzzled. Kitty opens the door back up and lets them in. He is later seen watching television as Chaz is preparing the ham. (The Crocodile's Dilemma)

When Lester stays with Chazz and his family while his house is a hot crime scene, Kitty has Gordo sleep on the couch while Lester takes his room. Chazz builds him a fort in the living room, much to his pleasure. Gordo's room is found to be riddled with toys and action figures, as well as a mason jar filled with urine in the closet. Gordo sits right in front of the TV during dinner. He calls Chazz out on his language when he apologizes for being a real asshole sometimes. (The Rooster Prince)

Gordo and his mother arrive home while Lester is planting evidence to frame Chazz, including placing one of Chazz's guns in Gordo's backpack. Gordo spots Lester as he is attempting to sneak out of the house, but is unresponsive to his presence, giving Lester time to leave. (Buridan's Ass)

The next morning, Gordo reads a comic at the table during breakfast. Chazz tries to convince him to help out his mother after school, but Gordo wants to play hockey with his friends. He picks his nose on his way to the bus, which the bus driver scolds him for. Later in class, Gordo watches two of his classmates rough-housing while re-enacting a scene from The Matrix. One of the boys knocks Gordo's backpack off the table, where Chazz's pistol falls out and slides out into the middle of the room. Everyone looks at Gordo, who stares back blankly.

Gordo is taken into custody and the police show up at Chazz and Kitty's house with a search warrant. They find the hammer as well as Pearl's underwear and pictures in the garage, leading to Chazz's arrest. (Who Shaves the Barber?)

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