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Gaetano Fadda is a character in Fargo Season 4. He is a member of the Fadda crime family, the son of Don Donatello Fadda and younger brother of heir apparent Josto Fadda.



Gaetano lived in Kansas with his family until the age of eleven. There was a girl he liked and they ended up having sex on the fire escape at her house. Her father discovered them and choked Gaetano nearly to death. To free himself, Gaetano grabbed a piece of glass from the window and stabbed the father in the eye with it. As a result, Gaetano was sent back to Italy. After his guardian died, he was left to care for himself, doing whatever he had to in order to survive.[1]

Father's Death

Gaetano came to the US from Italy to see his mother, Chianna. While he was on his way, his father died and he ended up attending his father's funeral soon after his arrival. At the funeral, he and his brother fought, which upset their mother.

Later, when he learned that the Cannons were taking over the slaughterhouse, Gaetano confronted them. When they said Donatello had given them the slaughterhouse, Gaetano said he'd check with Josto and let them take it if he said it was theirs.[2]

Gaetano immediately started stepping on his brother's toes, trying to take authority in the wake of his father's death. He taunted Josto for the failed attempt to kill David Harvard and Josto told him to follow orders or go back to Italy. Despite this, Gaetano quietly planned to seize power away from his brother.[3]

Behind Josto's back, Gaetano ordered a hit on Lemuel Cannon. However, Calamita and Rabbi foiled the hit when Rabbi realized what was happening, refused to fire, and then stopped Calamita from hitting the target as well. Josto confronted Gaetano about his insubordination. Gaetano tried to defend himself, but Josto merely threatened him before leaving.[4]

Gaetano was outside a bar when he slipped and fell on some ice. A man standing nearby laughed at him. Inside the bar, he started to talk to Calamita about him attempting to take over when the same young man who laughed at him served him coffee. Gaetano took a sip, then started taunting the man about his work ethic. Finally, he pulled out a gun and killed both the young man and the other man in the bar.

When Doctor Senator came to meet with Ebal, Calamita and Gaetano showed up instead. Calamita threatened Doctor, who said that someone who wants to lead must learn how to give orders. Ebal had earned his respect, while Calamita and Gaetano were just boys making a mess. Doctor got up to leave, but Calamita followed him and shot him dead in the street.[5]

Gaetano was talking to Paolo when they heard noise outside. Gaetano sent Paolo out to investigate and heard gunfire. A figure came back to the door, so Gaetano shot through it repeatedly. He then learned that it was Paolo he had killed. Swanee then came up behind him and shot him, knocking him out. They used a rug to drag him out and take him to Loy. He woke up chained to a chair. Loy made it clear that he was there because he'd killed Doctor Senator.[6]

While Gaetano was chained up, he started listing all the people he'd killed and how he killed them. While he was doing this, Loy came to him and freed him after telling him all the things Josto offered in exchange for his death.[7]

After being released, Gaetano realized that Loy had released him with the intent of having Gaetano kill Josto for him. Instead, Gaetano and Josto mended fences. While they were celebrating their reunion, a group of men sent by Loy came and shot at their house. Gaetano fired back and scared the survivors off, but not before one of them fired into their house and killed their mother.[8]

Gaetano and Josto met with Ebal, who told them New York wanted the war wrapped up as it was bad for business. They realized they needed a new enemy to take Loy's place. They met with Happy and Leon, hoping that the latter would be that replacement.

They then went to find and kill Odis. Odis was escorted to and from work by other officers, but he came home to find his place ransacked and fled. When he got out to his car, Gaetano confronted him and shot him repeatedly. Then, on his way back to the car, Gaetano tripped and shot himself in the head, killing himself.[9]

Episode appearances

Season 4

Murders Commited

  • Pietro Gelosi - Stabbed in the neck
  • Carlo Badoglio - Strangled
  • Rudolfo - Pushed eyes into brain

Commited by Gaetano

Connected to Gaetano

  • Benito Mussolini



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