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Florine Cannon is a character in Fargo Season 4. She is a daughter of Loy Cannon.


Florine moved, along with her family, to Kansas City, where her father quickly established himself as a crime boss. Part of this establishment involved a pact with the Fadda family, leading to them trading their youngest sons. Florine's brother, Satchel, went to live with the Faddas, while Zero Fadda came to live with the Cannons. Florine and Pessimindle quickly welcomed Zero into the home and began to play with him.[1]

Florine and her family continued to live with their new guest while Satchel was away.[2]

Florine and Pessimindle got along well with Zero, with the three of them happily playing together.[3]

Buel Cannon taught all three children their lessons together. When Constant Calamita came to their door looking for Satchel and Rabbi, Buel protected the three children with a shotgun, though she was unaware of exactly why Calamita was there.[4]

The family was finally reunited when they came home one day to find that Satchel had walked back home to Kansas City on his own. Their happiness was short-lived, though, because soon after, Zelmare came to the Cannon house and stabbed Loy on the front porch, telling him it was revenge for the death of Swanee. Loy bled to death on the porch while Satchel watched.[5]

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