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The Fadda Family was an Italian Crime Family operating in Kansas City, Missouri.


Arriving in Kansas City in 1934, a peace offering was made between the family and the Milligan Concern. By trading their sons (Josto and Patrick), a peace was made.

Following the double-cross of the Milligan Concern and killing of Yiddles Milligan in 1937, the Fadda Family was the undisputed rulers of Kansas City criminal operations.

In 1950, the youngest sons of both the Fadda Family and Cannon Limited (Zero and Satchel respectively) were traded to be raised by the opposing family head as a peace offering and foundation of an uneasy alliance.

Later Ebal Violante took over crime family and Faddas time was over. After Violante took over, remaining of organization become known as Kansas City Mafia.

Notable Members

Murders Committed